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USA Holiday Beer Swap 2020

Last year we had a successful not-so-secret-Santa beer swap, and I think that we should have another one this year.

I am happy to organize it and assign pairings if you all are happy to send beer. Let’s say $50, plus some beer paraphernalia and/or snacks from the local area. Beer should, of course, be impossible to get in the sending location.

Upon the receipt of beer, each person should post the haul pic and eventually rate each of the beers sent by the not-so-secret Santa.

Hopefully, we can get all packages sent out by Christmas or the end of the year.

I am in.

I’m in.

Tagging people who were involved last year:


Also tagging @daalamar who expressed interest.

I’m in.

I doubt that I will be gathering with family, so a little extra holiday cheer seems in order!

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These are the people who participated in 2018 or posted in a locals for locals thread in 2019, in case any of them are interested.

@Sledutah @drowland @robertjm @AirForceHops @wchesser


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I’m in!

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I appreciate the tag. But, think I’ll have to sit this one out. Time and money mostly, though it sounds like a fun event. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to all and we’ll see about 2021.

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I’m in, Utah.

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Sorry I’m out this year. It looks like may be moving 1200 miles or so during this time period. Well 50/50 moving Christmas or next May won’t know for week or two

I’m in

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Oh wow. Good luck on your move!

Are you going to be in WY or VA?

I am in, but make me a one way. I’ll gladly send some holiday cheer but do not want anything in return. I drink quite rarely as it interacts with medication.

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What the heck? I said I was in!

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Yes I know. I may have accidentally copied from earlier threads

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I’m in VA through Christmas.

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