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Username change requests / user account problems

You can now modify your USERNAME and EMAIL ADDRESS directly from the APP (MY PROFILE).

If somehow your forum username doesn’t match your normal username,or if you have any other USERNAME related problem, please post the request here!


Nice! Mine should say Nische, not nische1

Mine should be CH-303, not ch-303… :+1:

FatPhil calling…

Please change mine to VsXsV.


blackhaddock1 again today, on a different PC. Does that have an effect on the system somewhere?

Love from BlackHaddock


Change to Camons, thanks!

What about profile pictures? I’ve changed it on the website and on the app and nothing’s updated.

One thing that might be nice is an ETA for the fixes. Otherwise, we won’t know if it’s a good time to follow up if we’ve not been changed.


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I wish there was an option to change user name on the main site.



I would like to be “Lowenbrau” again, as it used to be.
Thank you!

Mine should be Mr_Pink_152, not 1521…

These should be fixed now.

Can I actually Change my Name on both Ratebeer platforms @joet ?

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Mine should say @discobot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Mine should be PMgep, not pmgep

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