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Vatican Beer

This one might be of interest for yountry tickers
As it seems there supposed to be beer in Vatican

Have to get it :smiley:

Looks like a very dubious listing, My should the Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City - Wikipedia count as a commissioner? This goes against all policy.

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I queried this on the brewery chat and @Marko said of the entry:

“Legitimately so too. Alberto showed me the pictures of the beer and putting them as the Commissioner seemed legit from the packaging. Brewed in Italy ofc, not even in Rome I think.”

Would be great to see the photos.

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I also want to point out that we are beating UT on the number of ratings for this brewery.


At least if @ippopotamo36 doesn’t add the one rating also to UT :joy:

Sorry, extremely busy period, and when I have free time, I get overwhelmed by random RB-related stuff.

@omhper this is why I told them it can be seen as legitimate, as they seem to have commissioned the beer. The branding is Gendarmeria’s and it says it’s brewed and bottled for them.

Of course, neither me nor @ippopotamo36 will mind I think if there are enough dissenting opinions to warrant changing its status.


When we added commissioners as a brewery type it was agreed that it should be used very restrictively and only for major supermarket chain stuff, where it often was a pain to find out real breweries, and the brewers could be changed. As always this has degraded in some parts, so now there are even bars that are labelled commissioners for their house beer.

Another subject to discuss again in the backstage mayhap. I feel many rules have gotten diluted, reworked and we need to rethink some things.

UT have just one of their beers (no ratings) and listed under Duep brewery Gendarmeria Scv - Duep - Untappd . So I suspect there will always be more ratings here since they don’t seem to consider the swiss guard as a brewery.

No more or less of a brewery than the Lidls and the Kauflands of this world.

And no more or less than all clothing stores, pubs and record labels that commission beers either.

The question is Vati-can they or Vati-can’t they brew?

And no more or less than some gypsy breweries, you can start a “brewery” without knowing anything about brewing and not owning any equipment. Helps a lot if you’re good at marketing, brewing is irrelevant.

I’d say there is a difference between a company that only sells/markets/delivers beers (such as a gypsy brewery) and a clothing store/record label/military unit that has one or a few beers made for them.

Please keep admin discussions out of the main forums.

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