Vermont & New York States users and admins?

Just made some search for northern NY state (near Lake George) for a possible trip… results are disastrous…I had to enter 2-3 places based on Untappd Venue search and Google because RB database is just empty…

Likewise, I was in Burlington 3 weeks ago and I had to enter half of the stuff I had there and almost half of the things already entered are not verified yet…do we have an admin for this particular region? Is there any user left there or it’s dead like it is in Quebec, Canada?

Man, I hate to admit this but… that site is really dying…

Bulk_Carrier was a very active member in VT, but he hasn’t logged in for a year now.

Thanks man I will be in VT next month, added few things as well in prep for short trip.

My brother lives there so he brings me down stuff frequently, but I could never get him to add or rate more than a few places… so it goes.

Can’t possibly thing of any reason why Bulk Carrier hasn’t rated… no good hints on his profile… none at all.

Adam couldn’t get over ABI being a partial owner of RB. He’s active and an admin on UT.

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wow sick check this out:


@sledutah is correct, Adam quit over a year ago on RateBeer for that reason.

He’s pretty quiet socially now but he’s actively reviewing on other sites.

He’s on other sites, he left here when the A/B investment happened.

Did he got replaced?