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Vertical tastings

I haven’t seen anyone comment on vertical tastings in a long time.

Although I don’t drink like I did 20 years ago when I joined this site, I have kept up with some verticals that are now exceeding 25 years.
Mostly Sierra Nevada’s , some really old Lee’s harvest and an English bitter that I’d have to dig in the basement to remember the name of.

Has anyone tried any of those lately? I doubt I’d try the Lee’s some of those are from the 80’s.

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I have never done one personally. Only opportunity I remember was a Stone Vertical Epic vertical at a bar one time, but I did not have them all.

It’s gotten harder overtime with all the new money to see folks doing verts. I personally was part of a Goose Island Bourbon County vert, was 15 yrs worth if I remember, it was very interesting to see the differences.

Did a '02 - '18 BK Chocolate Stout last year. Many were soy sauce, but still drinkable. A couple in the middle were strangely quite good & quite poor back to back, before leveling out the last few years. Had about two cases worth of vintage, but deemed most of it not worthy & recycled them before packing up our BK apartment.

Did a much smaller vert of Monster Ale & nearly all those were very fruity, dry & excellent.

Celebration vert was pretty bad too, but it was during a cleanup, without notes.

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