Vibrant Forest Umbral Abyss (11.5% versus 8.8%abv)

Hi, yesterday, I tasted this great imperial stout :

Vibrant Forest Umbral Abyss :

Abv registered on Ratebeer was 8.8%. My bottle was 11.5%abv !! First, I wanted to correct this but the difference of Abv sugest that’s a new receipe… Best before date is August, 2018. So I guess, this is not new. Maybe, we need to create a new beer : Vibrant Forest Umbral Abyss (11.5%) and retire the other version. What do you think ?

Pictures :

Cheers, Vincent.

Yes, the 8.8% one was brewed in 2016 only. From 2017 it had a new recipe and much higher ABV. I have the same bottle as you and bought it last year if I remember correctly.

I was sure there were already separate entries for them on RB so perhaps admins merged or I am thinking of a different beer. They are definitely different though and I think a new entry should be created and if possible move everyone’s ratings from 2017 onwards unless they were rating an actual 2016 bottle, if stated in their review I suppose. For most we probably won’t know.

I can’t find the post now but the brewer confirmed they were different on Facebook and pointed to their two Untappd entries.

Ok ! Yes, I saw that on Untappd. I will just create a new entry (“Vibrant Forest Umbral Abyss (11.5%)” and let UK admins do what they think the most appropriate on the recent ratings.

Yeah seems sensible to me. It got me curious so I checked my bottle which I actually bought in March 2018 and the BBD is October 2018, think it was released the month prior to that meaning the bottles are only dated 8 months - seems rather short for an impy stout!

Btw I just noticed the brewery edited in a note at the bottom of the description on Untappd of the 8.8% version confirming the recipe was changed for the February 2017 release onwards which is what I’d read on Facebook somewhere.

And honestly looking at the dates people are writing in their ratings I would imagine almost all are actually of the 11.5% so I’m surprised no one pointed out the ABV difference.