Off to Vienna for the week next week, anyone got any tips please for best beer bars and bottle shops? Cheers

I worked there some years back so I am not up to date with the current scene. I met up with Geiserich at the time. I think he has now moved to Linz but I would imagine that he would be well up to date with what’s good now.


If You want to enjoy well made Lagers, try “7 Stern Bräu”, just one mile from the “Westbahnhof”…:beer:

Thanks, I’ll contact him

Cheers, I did check there already and have a couple of targets, just looking for any recent tips or local knowledge.

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Nice one, really appreciate that, exactly what I’m after.

The places section for Vienna is pretty acurate…

For shops, Beerlovers is very nice for the international selection, but is lacking for Austria beers. In that departmant both Biergreissler and Beer Store Vienna are way better. Biergreissler has the bigger overall selection (they also have an online shop that shows most of the stuff they have on site), but Beer Store has all their beers cooled, they are also a bit better with freshness overall.

Write me a pm if you want some more tips or have time to meet up…

It means nothing to me …


Ammutson is the best bar. Beerlovers is great for bottles. Zur Herknerin for food and a bit of bonkers (but not beer).

Thanks for the info, I had Mels Craft Beer Bar on the list, is it worth dropping by ?

Well done Colin, I just saw the title of thread, thought exactly the same, but you beat me to that it.


Yes, it’s worth a visit. Food looked decent in there, although we didn’t try any.