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Vieux Bruxelles Kriek != (Vieux Bruxelles Kriek Lambic = St. Louis Kriek)?

So… acting on a report from @Sigmund who might give his 2c maybe.

It seems that Vieux Bruxelles Kriek Lambic which is available in small bottles is the same as St. Louis Kriek Lambic. It’s aliased so far.

However, there is a beer called Vieux Bruxelles Kriek on the market, in cans. And allegedly (Sigmund might confirm) it says that it’s top fermented on the can. Making it very much not the same thing as the Kriek Lambic potentially. Both beers probably have 4%?

Is anyone in the position to compare the two? We might need a separate entry for the non-lambic or something…

I confirm that the word “lambic” is not used anywhere on the cans of Vieux Bruxelles Kriek, and the can says that the beer is top fermented. Well, you could say that spontaneous fermentation is a kind of top fermentation, but if the beer actually was spontaneously fermented, they would say so, don’t you think?

Indeed. That said, can you legally avoid saying on the label / can that the beer is a lambic if it is one?

@Sigmund do you still have pictures of the can or have the list of ingredients? The bottle version clearly states “lambic” on the label. So alias itself is correct probably. The only question is whether the can version is different than the bottle version (and even if it is, is there a point to separate them).
In theory lambic is also often classified as “top fermented beer”, so that is not enough reason to think it is different.

Note: i killed the bug report, since the alias is correct and there is no bug in that sense.

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