; are they correct?

Is ratebeer dead? Had the reddit beer world been usurped by untappd?
Does untappd have more cred than ratebeer?
Are we all just “holders on” of an old beer phase that has surpassed us?

Well, considering I only just now heard of… Meh?

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Surprised at the top 10. But i have to sadly say i think that quoted post is probably on the money

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Those are top beers ever. You can also check Top beers in production which are a bit different.

Here in Hungary there are probably a dozen active RB users (tops) while on the other hand a couple hundred (thousand?) people use Untappd, so in our case VinePair is definitely not wrong.

I think the ration of ratebeer to untappd ratings for European ratings was +/- 1 :100
Lots of brewers over here are active on untapped and frequently check it, interest in RB is zero.
About 10 active RB users in Belgium vs. tens of thousands on Untappd.
Comparing ratebeer to Untappd here is like comparing Coca-Cola to a guy who makes soda in his bathtub.


In my limited adventures in the beer world RB is pretty much frowned upon. Young guys say it’s clunky and slow. A few brewers Iv’e talked to and raters also bring up the selling out of RB to ABI stops them from using the site. I,m surprised how often i hear that reason. I stand my ground as best i can in support of RB. I have always taken the side of the underdog. It’s tough though hearing the negativity that other folks dish out about my site. I guess i can’t blame them. I think the UT raters are just too lazy to do an actual rating more than anything else.

RateBeer does get some respect. Many bottle shops use RateBeer scores in their labels. Can’t say I have ever seen a label for Untappd.


Is Vinepair owned by In-Bev?

Talking about resoect…RB us the place where many extoll the virtues of Bud Mango Rita and such

How many of these threads do we have to endure? Anyone that thinks Untappd is equally comparable to RateBeer/BeerAdvocate doesn’t really know a lot about one of them. They serve different purposes; saying that Untappd simply has more users doesn’t invalidate the others.

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Untappd scores are appearing in advertisements though, this used to be mostly ratebeer.

Of course both sites serve different purposes, but I think the division of purposes is changing a bit. Ratebeer is slowly losing it’s place as the most credible beer website. Sadly, I think the ABInbev move and the crappy site/app are at least partly causing this shift.

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And 40s of Malt Likka, don’t forget the Malt Likka!


Untappd has two advantages: better app and website usability and design, and the business side of things where you can become a “verified venue”, list your beer menu there, and so on. I’ve been in places where they have big screens up showing their latest mentions from Untappd and Twitter - Ratebeer simply doesn’t have that ‘friendliness’.

On the other hand, alongside its serious users, Untappd also has a proportion of idiots - and of course of lazy types who can’t be bothered to type even a three-word summary. Ratebeer is thankfully almost completely free of both. Division of purposes, as you say.


Agree. My concern is that this lack of friendliness, combined with the crappy app/site and Inbev-move could lead to the marginalisation of ratebeer.
Shops/festivals used to mostly cite ratebeer scores, this is shifting towards untappd and ratebeer or untappd only lately.

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Think thats a numbers game. Back even 5 years ago , those that cared used RB, now theres probably 100 Untappd users who want to know compared to RB. So where you gonna put your effort

RB may still have a place but its a smaller place for fewer people than it used to be

True and I don’t mind being smaller as long as quality but at moment we’re probably too small last night I added and rated a beer with 1,000 untapd rates. That’s not a good proportion maybe an outlier but our database is going to fall way behind unless we can grab some fresh blood.

Untappd realizes that their database needs some serious work so they have “hired” moderators to help clean it up.

Also they have introduced new feature today - 255 characters for beer comments instead of 140. Premium users only. For now.