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Virtual Bar - every night at 20:00 for the next 4 months?

LOLZ etc etc

I was thinking something similar, I will for sure dip in and out. My company has introduced a virtual happy hour too… I’ll skip that. I’m already drinking in my own bar, watching the Boris Johnson Evening Show, Odyssey, Don’t Cross the Line!

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Maybe not every night… but I certainly wouldn’t mind having a few Virtual Bars over the next few months. Gonna be awfully lonely.

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yep. can we do say every Tuesday and Friday night for instance. with pubs shut I need to find somewhere where I can talk utter bollocks without being judged.

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The boy is in bed. The Chicken Kievs are in the oven. The Unity Introduce Yourself is in the glass. The cat is on the lap.

The only drawback: Neighbours is on the TV.

Popped into Lincoln’s newest bar tonight The Tiny Tavern.

And now got a can of Chalice from Gamma


Thank God for some male company. My wife had been on some group chat app with various mummies for about 2 hours.

Interboro / Pipeworks Like a Panther.

Just had my last cask pint for a while. Cheers everyone :beers:


impressive and potent


Wild Weather Spruce Almighy.

The cat is no longer asleep over my crotch so I can’t do any 100% classy beaver/pussy jokes.

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Had two new (to me) German beers earlier, currently having an Adnams brew for another new rate.

Happy to visit this thread over the next few weeks/months to see and hear what everyone is up to. Picked our son up from Stafford station today, he’s left London because his work has dried up. Isolating with two now, plus Bertie the dog!


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Yay! I’ll definitely pop in at least once a week, most likely on a Friday or Saturday I guess. Although a morning visit whilst homeworking in my pants sounds tempting too. I’ll try to at least tuck me tallywhacker away for decency’s sake…


So we’re in the same position only we have two cats and you’re presumably still not wiping your son’s arse.

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Ha, ha :grinning::grinning: I thought that I was the only person who used the term tallywhacker.

There is a pub in the Surrey Hills … can’t recall name … brews it’s own stuff (pretty average).

They do a beer called Tallywhacker IIRC.

I’d never actually thought as to what it meant … can’t believe I’ve learned a new name for ones chap on the back of Covid 19!

Leith Hill.

Although I think it’s been retired.

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Today was supposed to be the Campers first night out in a site on Romney Marsh whilst i cycled round the pubs. Doesn’t seem to be any point now. Depressed.

Go for a drive in it, have a beer in a deserted lay-by and drive home again for more beers.

That way you’ve used the camper (named it yet?) and still had a brew.



I just looked at it the first picture I saw and went “you look like a Nelson” not named after anyone in particular.

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right i am going to make a big curry with some spices a friend brought back from India and then I am having a go at the beer fridge. still some rates left.


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