Virtual Bar - every night at 20:00 for the next 4 months?

Nelson? Only one headlight?

I am restricting myself beer wise, or at least trying too. Currently have around 120 beers at home, so no need to panic or buy any more. Trouble is, with pubs etc all shut, people who don’t normally buy from shops (or the internet) will be flooding all the outlets.


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Right jalfrezi is in oven so I am now enjoying sunshine from my garage with a beer
Augustiner Helles


You are spot on Beer and Booze in general is the new toilet roll in the U.K.

I am doing an audit of my cellar, currently 225 beers and I’m about half way through.

I will need possible help to decide on which beer to be my 5000 this weekend!

Sunshine Mozart and Agatha Christie book has lightened my mood.

Next up Pannepot 2013

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Nice choice Ian, I recognise that garage :+1:

My 2nd beer, my first was the one on the left.

Funky Zider to kick off my Saturday drinking


Just gone in with this one, Beer rate, 4998

Nominations welcome out of these three for my 5K anyone ?

Nah … just do some random beer or even a shit tier bier - you have any industrial lagers ? !

Had Brabantiae a few weeks back, and for me, not inside my Cantillon top 10 - a little bit of a let down if I’m honest.

Not that anyhow!

I did hear the same about this Cantillon from Antoine at Malt Attacks, I’ll see how I feel, no industrial lagers I’m afraid! I’ve got hundreds of Imperial Stouts, so I’ll probably do the Nogne

Kind of lost touch with Nogne if I’m honest … a decent brewer and found myself chasing them a little bit back in 2011/12/13 era but not really bothered much in recent years.

Bought a case of #100 once for shits and giggles … reckon I still have a couple at the back of the cellar somewhere !

Got the Nogne, as I was in Oslo, it’s 16 percent, at least it will numb the impending disaster, regardless of which #rate today :mask:

Boosting tonight!

Nice barrel aged saison tonight.


trade from minutemat this evening, luckily arrived before the lock-down


Vibrant Forest / Black Iris Shattered Paradigm. Whatever that means. Coffee Black IPA.

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Last one of three I got from this extremely friendly and enthusiastic brewer at the Frome Independent market before Christmas. This one’s not as good as his excellent Black IPA or Citra Pale, but it’s still pretty decent. Love the bottle art too.

French press is reporting that pubs, etc, were only shut because Macron threatened to close the UK border.

Started with three beers that I have already rated, but they were close to their BBD’s. A Hemp beer from Luxembourg, a Shropshire brew and a very pleasant Corsendonk that was part of a four pack from Lidl years ago.



Next up were another set of random beers, all getting towards their end of life; four new rates though! A new lager from Lidl, a Belgian supermarket beer, a cider you’ve all had and a disappointing Merci 2.


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