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Virtual Bar - every night at 20:00 for the next 4 months?

OK, let’s get a real pub atmosphere going in here:

The poor guy looks terrified!

There are some notices outside a pub which always suggest to me that the pub is going to close soon (or at least change owners):

  1. Strippers Saturday lunchtime!
  2. Meat Raffle Sunday!
  3. No drugs!
  4. For Sale
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good to hear from you again Steve. when this is all over I promise I will come back down to Southampton for another visit. still think back fondly on first time I came.

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Hardywood Baltic Sunrise
sounds fun.
lots of coffee

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Couple of beers tonight. Particularly like the latest in Three Hills - Small Steps, In Pursuit, Of Juice range. The 2020 version of No 01.

While watching the bake off stand up to cancer.

Watching that myself … struggling with the celebs tonight … obviously know CQ and recognise the ‘non grey haired’ bloke from comedy.

Haven’t a clue who the other two are ?

Pretty much the same for me with any celebrity show.

What the fuck is that video all about? Idiot. Get it deleted. What’s this? 1978?


Be grand to have you again mate. A pub or two has closed since you were here last, but several more have opened, including another brewpub, and there are a couple of small breweries that open their doors on a Saturday morning so people can lay on their backs and drink straight from the tanks.


Good to see honest to goodness puritanical outrage. No decent pub would be complete without someone rubbing the spittle from their chin as they tut-tut in the background.

From yesterday. Had to get new bike brake pads, but local bike shop was shut, so the owners son called in and got me some. I shared some lambic to say thanks (at a distance of course!!). His hen quite liked the 2016 Boon Black label with Mikkeller branding.


Tut-tutting at hoppy beers?

Some bloke I know was selling his beer stash off so these are all ticks off me.


Lovely sunny day yesterday (Wednesday), as is today.
Four beers in the garden, three new rates.
Cheers to ‘Beers of Europe’.



Three today, all from 8 Sail Brewery and new rates.


Made an order, but not sure when it will arrive. Still hoping for it soon.

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Not a beer, but an old friend from Cyprus I found in ‘Beers of Europe’ when having a look!


Popping in early tonight.

And the wife is drinking this… also Cloudwater.


Happy Friday all, work has finished so starting early and time to crack open a beer (as not sure if i will be drinking around 21:00 CET so posting early) :slight_smile:

Great first choice, keeping it UK with a 3 way collab from some of my favourite UK brewers…


Have a good Friday/weekend all!



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