Virtual Bar Friday 16th November 2018

It’s been a couple of months since we last opened the doors.

I’m on doge duty this Friday night whilst Sharon is off on a corporate jolly so I’ll be cracking a few beers open.

Feel free to join … bring some doge biscuits !

Peanut overlooking Laguna Beach, California. It’s my grand daughters dog.


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If I get the chance I may drop in, however I will be in Munich with Loz as it is Loz’s birthday today and my birthday on Fri 16th where I will hit the Big Five O, so chances to drop by may be limited.

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Am planning to get a train up to London after work for the Collabageddon. However between now and then I have a load of meetings so the sofa and some Rwandan banana beer* may be more appealing.

*I see it was on at Cotts 2017.

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I’ll try and drop by but may well be in the Shire of the Shrop seeing what offerings are in the Pheasant in Wellington

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Got to show my face at an evening event at my daughter’s school, but should hopefully be able to pop into the virtual pub a bit later on for something stouty.

Why is there a picture of a slice of cake after my user name on my last post? Or is it just me seeing.

Virtual cake is the second worst kind of cake (battenburg is the worst).

I had this a while back and ignored it … someone else had a few week sago and did enquire as to what it was.

Apparently it’s your first anniversary on the new forum!

Thanks, I now see this has got me another pointless badge as well as the pointless cake. What was wrong with league tables and number-based stats and colouring in maps and other informative stuff? sigh guess I’m too old these days to appreciate virtual cake.

Happy birthday to you both, enjoy Munchen

Hello to Jason Isaacs??

I will either be at home joining in or touring Canterbury tap rooms joining in.



Don’t do it Jezza!

It’s worse than that; I am not drinking today (Friday 16th Nov), but I will pop into the virtual bar though, because I will be adding my Devon stuff, like place reviews and some beer rates during the evening.


I’m a the hop locker sampling some of this year’s Collabageddon offerings.

They didn’t put one of the 10 kegs on cos it smelt of puke !!!

Home in 2 hours or so to open up but let yourselves in the back door in the meantime !

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Just been to brewdog Leicester and had the fierce maple pancake and the abstrakt 26. On child care duties tonight so just a few more impy stouts from Brewdog online shop to get through at home. Kids’ll be asleep and my wife has the car so no worries.


I am in BD now, had the Fierce last night and giving AB:26 a go.

I could have gone to Hop Locker and then a colleague’s leaving drinks. However I decided to got to Steam Town in Eastleigh instead because Hants ticks > people. One or two more beers here and then up to Winchester to hopefully tick off a Queens Inn brew. At this rate I may go to London so my wife doesn’t wonder why I’m home so early.


Bar is open … dogs fed and walked … just sorting my own dinner.

Will crack a beer shortly.