Virtual Bar Friday 27th April 2018

Gave it 2.7, which is about the average score it’s been getting. Berkshire beers I’ve rated now up to 49, county will change colour on my map of England with the next beer from there.


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I am on a train with a bag full of cans I got from the fridges in Freshfields Market in Croydon. So at least they are cold. Got a disposable paper cup to drink from.

I have at least another hour and 20 mins on trains so will join in from my double seat I have managed to get

Hi Ian,

I will have to up my game then. Paper cup and cans from Freshfields Market sound interesting.


First up is Magic Rock Dancing Bear. A German lager apparently. We shall see

I’ll raise your German (style) Lager with this; a Surrey brewed Pils.

I will be pouring it into a lovely old tall vase shaped glass from Paderborn.


Amazing range for the shop and where it is. I got 10 new beers for less than £30 and good quality stuff too

Evening chaps. A few quiet virtual beers at home this evening works out well for me and the wife (got 2 busy beer weeks coming up)

We just starting out with 3X new tripple dry hopped session ipa’s from To Øl :slight_smile:

To Øl 3X Thirsty Simcoe
To Øl 3X Thirsty Citra
To Øl 3X Thirsty Mosaic

Simcoe one was pretty solid, no game changer but fresh and tasty nonetheless. Now onto the Citra…

Don’t you and your good lady get drunk before the rest turn up!


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Will have 6 minutes before change of trains to drink Fierce Split Shift IPA

I assume that was a ‘Royal’ we.

Sorry, read that incorrectly, thought I saw ‘we’ when you put ‘will’.


Magic Rock Dancing Bear was a 3.5/5
Fierce Split Shift was a 3.7/5

I will have 10 minutes for a rate on station at Tonbridge platform in between trains. Might have something dark

Lost Pier West Side IPA was the next one out of the bag. Sat on platform 3 at Tonbridge. Should be back in TrAshford in 40 mins time.

Got a Cloudwater rate on tap thanks Paul

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Wife left me some of the tzatziki dip she made (for a girlie evening at her sisters), went nicely with the first two beers. Took some camembert out the fridge two hours ago, just beginning to soften up now, that will go with the next couple of bottles.

Walking round my local Morrison’s I noticed some bottles in the ‘Free From’ section and found two new beers; and

Spanish one first, then the Old Speckled Hen.



Only the fourth person to rate the Spanish Gluten Free beer, check out your local Morrison’s. I thought it fine and scored it a full 3.



Welcome. Good to cimmunicate again even if its in a Viritual Bar. Let us know how the beers are

The Lost Pier was a classic west coast ipa. Right up my alley 3.8/5

I’m doing today bass-ackwards. Started with a Grimbergen Blonde (yeah I know) and following with a Bush Ambree before heading into town for a session golde or two.

This is a good beer, a bit sickly and caramelly but envelops like a warm hug. I’m getting glazed carrots. Nice.