Virtual Bar, World Cup 18th June

England play today, so I am only drinking English beers.

Just watched a pretty boring first half of Sweden v South Korea, hope the second half is better.

First beer of the day a can of this:


VAR penalty for Sweden.



Just watched Belgium overcome Panama, cut a canal right through them 3-0.

second beer of the day is this:

getting ready for the main event now, 57 minutes to kick-off.


Had to drain pour the last beer, so now it’s a new brew from Treboom:


A proper English pale ale to get things going tonight i think


Looks like its just you and me in here tonight Jeremy.

Have it

IN-GER-LUND !!! :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Still trying to figure out Germanys loss last night. So I have a Franconian Lager tonight.


Currently boosting my Wyoming rates … may have an English beer next up.

Good 3.7 for this … classic Old Skool IPA and fresh and clean so in a good way.

FFS - Tunisia penalty.

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No point being bright for ten minutes … wasted a couple of good chances and now we’ve paid for it!

Also good to see Harry Maguire playing like a twat.

Hopefully put off some of the so called ‘big club’ vultures from swooping!

And another great chance wasted in front of goal!

Have to say im surprisingly encouraged by this team. First 20 mins saw sharp, well-played passes, good chances… now it seems they’ve lost their stride a bit. But hard not to see another goal from England in the 2nd half

England definitely the stronger team, as usual plenty of missed chances. I can see us struggling to get out the group if we can’t win this one.

So I had a couple of Stigbergets beers lined up but since Sweden played earlier I am instead starting with something English.

Pressure Drop x Verdant The Experiment Requires That You Continue


Dog face looks as interested in the football as mine do !

Yep, he’s more interested in his squeaky duck

Time to take things up a knotchimage

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Flo, having ignored the England game, is excited for the Belgium vs Panama highlights!

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English beer to cheer us home!

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Mog Myrtle beer for the second half:

Come on England.


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