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Looks like some companies are starting to bring on the virtual beer fests. Arizona had one and Rock Star is bringing a bunch to California and Las Vegas.

“A case of 10 special release beers and brewery swag will be delivered to your house the day before the event. The case features beers from 10 different local and regional breweries.”

$40 delivered. Then get a link to watch people talk about beer for 2 hours.

Wondering if anyone else is seeing these pop up in other areas.

Beer52 just had cyber fests last night and tonight. You buy the box and get to talk with the breweries from the assorted box. With so many fests being canceled I could see this happening more.

I did the Saturday Night Cyber Fest with Beer52: 12 beers from different breweries:
6 English and one each from Ireland, Croatia, Wales, Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand.

11 new rates for me!



I saw the headline and was about to comment that this was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen lately.

Sending beer out to people is actually an amazing idea!

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@radagast83 a lot of the smaller UK brewers only produce ‘cask ales’, so they are trying to sell and deliver their beers in their local areas, just to survive as a business. A few pub landlords are also emptying their cellars of cask beers and delivering in various amounts (9 pints, 18 pints, etc, etc), before the beer goes out of date.

The 1st Beer52 Cyber Fest sold 5,000 packs of beers in three days!


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