Virtual Independent Salford Beer Fest (November)

This is looking good. £55 per session (Thurs - Sat) inc 12 beers, a glass and postage. Doesn’t specifically mention it but looks like the beers are brewed for the event. Am getting a ticket for the Thursday.

There’s also a £50 Cider & Perry option. Only 6 bottles but four of them are 750ml.

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Pleased with my box. Of the 12 beers the only one I’d had was the Cheshire Brewhouse Amarillo DIPA. There were 3 other beers which are on here (The Kernel Dunkel, Track Moonshake NEIPA, Ampersand Torpor Baltic Porter). And then a mix of styles (blonde, NZ PA, a 7 yr old kombucha sour brown on damson, BA sour red, flavoured impy stout, IPA, 13% imperial flavoured Berliner weisse and a BIPA.

I may be reading too much into it but the Bexar County beer, El Fin, may be the last beer they are producing? Or at least the brewer is leaving?

Obviously not as cheap as BrewDog though!

Certainly better than Unfappd’s money grubbing bullshit virtual fest.

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I should have done this one. Now that I look back on it, but at the time family was still here and well I have a metric shit ton of beer already at the house to drink. I really do miss real fests and friends sharing!

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I didn’t join in, I have too much beer hanging around already, so the extra beers would have overloaded me. Haven’t ordered the PoohDog offering either, same reason really.


I told my wife that I wasn’t going to get any beer in November and then I saw the BrewDog offer and the Trillium beers.