Visiting Ithaca, NY soon

I’m not 100% sure, but I may have some free time the evening of 1/30/2018 to hang if anyone is interested. I’m open to suggestions of places to go in Ithaca for good beer and if anyone wants to hang!


Only been to Ithaca once, the pizza at Ithaca Beer Co matches nicely with a fresh Flower Power though. There was one shop that was downtown that was really solid, wish I could remember the name of it though.

Dude you’re a Brute. (hope you get my reference)

Haha, yep

Now I have to figure out when I’m gonna pop the cap on the bottle of the first release I have. I hope it’s still good. (being a sour, I am not TOO worried)

Where do you live? I’ll visit and we can pop it :grin:

Ehh…let me know if you are definitely coming. It’s like a 2 hour drive for me, but I might meet you at Ithaca brewing if the weather isn’t terrible

Definitely coming, just not sure yet if my schedule will be open that evening. I’ll let you know.

Alright, so I’ll be there evening of Monday the 29th and later night Tuesday the 30th. Sadly Ithaca Beer Co is closed both nights and the other brewpub a friend suggested is also closed on Mondays…

So I need a place (with beer) suggestion for Monday and a place to grab beers Tuesday later, something like 9pm probably. My hotel is downtown but I can Uber/taxi.