Visiting Seattle in May

Wow, how did this forum survive.

For anyone still around, I should be visiting last week of May. Workdays only but nights will be free.


Visiting where?

Sorry man, Seattle. Maybe I’ll get a chance to travel back to PDX one of these trips.

Got my airfare booked.

Maybe I could sneak down to PDX on Thursday 3/31. Would anyone be around to meet for a drink?

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3/31 is a Saturday

fuck, I mean 5/31. Stupid odd numbers. I know its far away but I might make a trip to PDX.

Perhaps I could sneak down to PDX too

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Yo! I just happened to log in for the first time in a couple of years today and noticed this, lmao. I will possibly be around, shoot me a msg on here or text if you still have my #.


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