Wales and ratings

Years ago (on the old, easy to navigate forum pages) I used to complain about the lack of rates for Welsh beers. That seems to have changed since Tiny Rebel and a few other ‘interesting’ breweries have arrived and prospered, take a look at the top 50 raters numbers now. There used to be only a few over 100 rates back in the early 2010’s.


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I always liked Otley, I think they predated Tiny Rebel. Purple Moose, was it?, they did some pukka real ales too. For “craft” beers, Tiny Rebel certainly put their foot wrong less often than others, for a traditionalist like myself. On the flip-side, Brains’ attempt to reinvent themselves as being crafty was a complete failure. Certainly looking forward to some new Welsh ticks as I tickle the border in a couple of weeks time.

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Yes the Welsh scene is getting better all the time. Tiny Rebel naturally responsible for an upturn in ratings as they churn out a huge number of beers and are distributed v widely.

Also worth keeping an eye out for Polly’s Brew Co (formerly Loka Polly) who highly-regarded as well as Crafty Devil, who do some pretty decent stuff and have at least 3 venues in south Wales I think. Hopcraft, which used to occasionally get its beers in the CBC pubs in London, also has a taproom of sorts in the capital as well. Even in places like Tenby there is a burgeoning local brewery scene.

Looking forward to getting back to Cardiff for a night and picking up some more Welsh scoops next month myself.