Wales (for the first time on the new forum pages)

I used to post about how ratings in Wales were going on the old Forum pages (sorry can’t add a link because I can’t find them).

Anyway, Wales now has 106 active breweries and loads of new beers to find:

Currently 26 people have rated more than 200 Welsh beers with the remaining 24 on the top raters list all over 100. That is a huge increase since I last looked in mid-2017:

Tiny Rebel, Lines and Celt Experience dominate the top rated beer list:

I only posted this because I am on a CAMRA coach trip into Wales on Saturday and thought I’d check up on how the welsh beer scene was going. It would appear it is going from strength to strength.


Before his self-imposed semi-exile from the forums @SarkyNorthener also posted a ‘Welsh Counties’ brewery list, can’t find that either. It was interesting because it became a little game to try and find a beer from each county if you could (well it was for me).


I think the second thread you mentioned is this one:

Haven’t tried anything from Celtic Experience since the original brewery closed down. That said, where I live unfortunately gets very few Welsh imports.

Despite my county sharing a border with Wales I don’t really drink much of their beer, not even reached 50 yet. Majority of those from Tiny Rebel and Crafty Devil.

Interesting that Loka Polly don’t feature strongly on RB, they’re absolutely dominating the Welsh rankings on UT with a comfortable lead over Crafty Devil and then Tiny Rebel. Personally I’d reverse those and rank TR and CD above LP.

Going over that Welsh counties thread I think I’d only be at 4 right now. I will be getting 2 or 3 new Welsh ticks next weekend.

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Went to the Welsh Perry & Cider Festival at Caldicot Castle last weekend which was excellent, 24 Welsh cideries available with over 100 ciders & perrys. Managed 18 ratings in the day at the festival and added afew new Welsh cideries (which gives a current 40 active Welsh cideries on ratebeer). Now just need to rate two more Welsh cideries to get ahead of fonefan as top rater of Welsh cideries!That gets me to 71 Welsh ratings overall, so still a way outside the top 50 for Wales ratings.

Thank you very much for the link to the @SarkyNorthener Welsh County thread.


I have 11 Wales ratings, 9 of them from Tiny Rebel. Not bad for someone who has never been to Wales (despite living in England for 22 years).

Surprised Minutemat isn’t top of the Welsh cideries list. He lives near the border and is also one of the top cider raters. Whilst Danlo lives on the the other side of England.

If I get time I may try and update the Welsh list in the next few weeks to include the new breweries.


Please do!

I have got an Anglesey rate in my stash, from these guys:

It’s an IPA and not on the database yet.

So, just Radnorshire for me now.


My Welsh ratings have slowed right up this year.
Picked up a lot of Hopcraft in London last year … not seen much this year.
Had my first Loka Polly this week … expected more tbh based on other folks views and ratings.
I’ll always rate a Lines brew when I see one … despite all the fake ratings they are a decent brewer.

Great day out in Wales, three new place reviews and fifteen new beers to rate, sadly less than half the beers were Welsh. One bottle brought home to rate also.


I’m closer to France, Belgium and the Netherlands than I am to Wales. it’s faster cheaper and easier for me to get to Benelux than it is to Wales. Why would I ever go to Wales?


That’s what Romney Marsh is for. Only a few miles down the road. Love me a bit of Romney Marsh lamb.


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I am so close to Wales I can hear the sheep bleating as the locals chase them each night, rarely venture over the border though.


Wales is the best.

I also picked up my first Loka Polly beers on the weekend, lovely stuff. Would like to see more Welsh beers getting distributed the way Tiny Rebel do but I guess most are some way off that.

Hopcraft appears in CASK fairly regularly from what I can tell.

Londoners should check out the bar at the London Welsh Centre if they are short of Welsh ticks - nothing too rare but they always have a few Brains beers on and last time I was up there they had 4 Craft Devil cans amongst others.

I don’t rate on here but think I have 70ish Welsh ticks on UT.

Where is the London Welsh Centre mate?

Is it on the data base as a place?


It’s on Gray’s Inn Road:

I don’t believe it is listed on ‘Places’ which is a bit of an oversight on my part.

N.B. - the bar is typically only open Tues-Thurs evenings (6 - 11pm)

I think Loka Polly must be a geographical thing. Hadn’t seen it on sale anywhere until I was in Manchester last month. When I first spotted it a few months ago (and thought to myself, “Hmmm, Loka must mean ‘Cloud’ and Polly must mean ‘Burst’.”) I am sure there was only one rating on here so people have started to get hold of it. And more active Southern Rateberians?

But then again, certain UK breweries which are really trendy on that Facebook UK Craft group, seem to not be seen in a good light on here.