Walt Powell Memorial Premium Membership

On 28 March it was Walt’s 15th anniversary on RB. There isn’t a year that goes by that I don’t wish Walt was still rating beers with us. Taken to young from this world, but never forgotten! In his memory I will gift a premium membership to a random member who posts in this thread. Drawing will be held 3 April at 7pm EST.


Hopefully some new folks come out of the woodwork. Cheers to doing your part to pass on the community aspect of this site that helps make it special!


I unfortunately didn’t meet Walt, but I have heard the legend.

I don’t need the membership - just wanna say cheers, this is a good post.


Fuckin great tribute. I wish I had conversed with him at some point but never did.

BA had a similar legend who I met at one of my GABF visits who also passed away way too early. Some of you may recognize the handle Mentor? Paul was a great guy and I will always miss his knowledge of all things regarding beer…

I guess there isn’t much interest in a free premium membership these days. I’ll push this one until tomorrow to see if there are anymore takers. I’m working 12hr shifts for work and need sleep asap.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Great idea Shig. I didn’t know Walt, but it’s cool to see his legend lives on. Cheers everyone.:beer:

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I hate to raise the question of whether Walt would have been part of the exodus. All good things come to an end.

Sorry for the delay…Congrats Christos! I will get this taken care with the help of @joet in next few days…Cheers, Shawn


Thanks for holding this event, Shig! I think of Walt every time I see a gnome or an Orval or whenever anyone brandishes a knife at me. I miss that guy!


Thanks @shig !

Indeed. Walt was one of a kind.

@joet make the premium upgrade for Christos please.

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Captain, Shig. It is made.

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