Watneys party 7 at 3.5% abv

AndrewC saw a hand written pump clip for this beer. any idea who bread it? Thanks.

The Watney’s Party 7 was a staple of house parties in the 70’s, we used to cart them around from one to another. You had to have a piercing tool with you to open them usually with a spurt that could coat a ceiling with beer.
Not sure of your question Ian, obviously in those days the beer was produced at the Mortlake Brewery in London. These days the brand has been re born by Brands Reunited and brewed at Sambrooks. Interesting if they are resurrecting the Party 7, it really was s**t.

would concur with Glen … Brands Reunited @Sambrooks

They often have one of these Watneys at the Draft House Seething if you’re ISO

The two I had were both pretty cackl

Watney’s Red Barrel!

This was the last “live” rating (2010)


This is an old bottle from the Stag Brewery.Poured amber gold with a large frothy off-white head. Smells lightly malty with a touch of carmel Medium minus body with lightly frothy carbonation. Flavor is light sweet malt with not a lot of hop. Ends with a very mild stroke of toffee - maybe from age. Quite drinkable, but it’s not unlike a macro with a little breadiness. Not sure why it was granted the royal warrant., especially since the label indicates it’s for export.

thanks all so Sambrooks look likely

The Royal Warrant is allowed to be displayed on all products if the company in question supplies the Royal Household with any item from their portfolio.


Watney’s Party 7’s, I am sure they did Party 4’s as well, in both Bitter and Mild?