We have a copycat!

I found this website by chance:

This guy seems to be the site owner:

Contacts of site owner

Email: sergiy.homenko@gmail.com
Skype: serg399111

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Ukrainians, of course! But only 83 reviews, but at this rate might overtake the original RB…


I note that the site is actually called Beertest. There does not appear to be a beertest website.

Hi, dudes, I’m really sorry, but I created this website before I saw yours. Please don’t accuse me of plagiarism as I develop my own website and it’s completely different from yours and please don’t publicly distribute my personal contacts.
With respect, Serhii Khomenko.

That information is on your website. If you do not want it publicly distributed you should not be publicly distributing it.

explosivedog I mean, don’t spread my information like I’m a plagiarist. If you’re concerned that my domain is similar to yours, we can resolve this issue by changing the domain if the problem is so critical. I can buy a new domain, but I will lose all the pages in the search engine index.

To be honest your main concern is that Ratebeer is owned by ABV In-Bev. Quite surprised their corporate lawyers haven’t sent you a letter already.

I did really did a stupid thing without looking before registering the domain to the sites that exist :frowning: delete the domain then and do the Ukrainian name, exactly will not be like this.

That just shows how little they care about this intellectual property.

Just to be clear none of us work for the site, and most are agnostic about any outcomes. It was just a sort of funny coincidence. In any case, бажаю тобі щастя.

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Okay, well, thank you for the answer, too. Just in case, I changed the domain so it wouldn’t happen in the future.

In your place, I would wait, and buy back the domain for a small fee in a few years from AB-Inbev, just be patient :wink:


Too late, I already changed the domain :slightly_smiling_face: and so it was of little use. There were no visitors anyway, although I’ve been writing functionality for this site for almost a year…

The are looking for developers here, and since you already worked for rate-beer, they could hire you :wink:


Yeah. That’s an interesting idea :relaxed: