Web Release 1.4.2

Version 1.4.2 | August 30, 2018

  1. Add ability for users to share Beer Profile page on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Onboard signed in users to new share functionality with tutorial language
  3. Redesign My Review card on Beer Profile page
  4. Prep work for adding another online sales partner
  5. Incorporate dynamic loading to decrease Javascript bundle size
  6. Adjust logic to show Real Average for beers with less than 30 ratings (toggled off for this release)

Share to Facebook example:



1.Is there any way to “Link” our Facebook account to our Ratebeer account? I got multiple emails associated to my Facebook account but if I Login with Facebook, it goes to a complete new account BeerMeisterXX of some sort instead of my RB profile…

  1. Way better looking for No Text Ticks than before, only missing AATPO scores there

  2. Another? What are the current ones?

  3. Please Toggle On! New Brewers need this :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit me up by direct message. I’d be happy to fix you right up. I think this has to do with the information in your account.

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Did you removed the Uncategorized forum?

Can’t access it anymore. People won’t see those topics.

I got to this topic using my Forum Recent History

Found it. Fact is, the UNCATEGORIZED forum is displayed on mobile but not on Desktop (mozilla). They display on desktop when the topic is on the Latest or New lists…

I was wondering what the hell was going on with these announcements and why so few replies. This is definitely an issue. It’s impossible to find this topic unless it’s in the latest/new list like you said. I think the vast majority of forum members are completely missing these threads! Can’t you just post them in the Site News category? I mean it’s literally site news!

Well I suggested some time ago to rename the UNCATEGORIZED forum to RATEBEER OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS or something like that, reserved especially for that (so we can follow the changes without the topics getting lost in other topics) …but at least they need to fix that bug. But you’re right, it could be posted in SITE NEWS too…

There’s already an OFF-TOPIC forum…so why also an UNCATEGORIZED…seems redundant

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I found THE problem: @joet

He must have too much Forum Admin ranks because he posts topics without the need to place them in a particular Forum Category thus creating the UNCATEGORIZED forum…moved all posts to their respective forums and it’s now gone :stuck_out_tongue: