Web release 1.6.2

From Ron

Today and Yesterday we quick-released the following features after they were brought to our attention through user feedback

  • Reorganised home carrousel, and users will always see high rated beers in the home page, see attached screen shot

  • Increased the the backend performance by around 13% (internal see report)



What’s the “range”? I got 4 of the first Top 6 rated Nearby beers over 80km away…

And why not new beers over highest rated?

Normally highest rated beers already have a lot of ratings to achieve a high rating, so possibly a lot of distribution availability too…which could result in always having those same beers in the Nearby Search…compared to the new hotness


Yeah I agree, this doesn’t seem useful even if it is accurate.

Of the beers shown to me, I’ve rated about two thirds of them already. The remaining beers I know about and/or aren’t actually available any more (out of production).

So my questions/suggestions are:

  1. Why are out of production beers being shown to us?
  2. Why are beers I’ve already rated being shown to us?

Most of the beers shown to me have thousands of ratings already. Chances are people are already familiar with them no? If you literally only want to show “Top Rated Nearby” then it’s fine how it is. But let’s be honest this is only useful to new users isn’t it?
For anyone who’s been here a year or more, or has say 500+ ratings already, would it not be better to show Top NEW beers nearby? Those released in the past couple of months or something.
Or is that not possible because it would look silly showing beers with only a couple of ratings?


As expected. Why can they not fix the website before they fix this crappy startpage that only few bother to look at.

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