Webbsite update failures (including NEW PLACE PAGE) - may 4th 2020

Since today’s update (New PLACE PLACE format)

Once you first entered a Search on top and the search result page pops out, The Top Search isn’t working afterwards, you have to use the lower Search Result field instead…not good at all…

Brewer’s listing won’t load anymore in the Brewer Page FIXED

Reviews won’t load in the New Place Page FIXED

Page randomly crash when clicking on ASSOCIATED BREWER link from the Place Page FIXED

ADD BEER PAGE: Instead of BEER STYLE, the field now is named for whatever reason FAVORITE BEER STYLE (which is totally dumb…why was this edited in the first place…puting the fields in the same order than the EDIT BEER Page is what is important) FIXED

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There’s been a rollback to an earlier version of the website before those last changes. Let’s hope nobody lost reviews in the process.

EDIT back again this morning

Also - the new search. Now if you misspell something or don’t find what you seek for, you don’t get to just erase and try again - I mean, you can, but nothing will change - you need to move to the new search that pops up below.

I mean… seriously?

I was about the write about the same problem.
Once you first entered a Search on top and the search result page pops out. The Top Search isn’t working anymore, you have to use the Search Result field instead…not good at all…

And since we are talking about Search problem, I want to remind you a long time existing problem: if you use the Search from the forum page, the first search always return no result.

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The new MAP button should absolutely be removed on the Brewer Page since Brewers are not always Places.

Even worse, right now the MAP button redirect us to the highest Associated Place of the Brewer, regardless of its real physical address. The redirect link to Googlemaps was enough before, but even then should also be removed because it’s not good especially for Brewers with multiples Brewing sites…

Brewers are not Places, they are considered and Entity, a Trademark, to which Places are associated to. Many Breweries have a physical address but are not opened to the public anyway. You should probably only show the City/region/country (no street / postal code) instead of the full address in the Brewer page to reflect that (just like in the App).

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Merging the brewery and place pages is insanity anyway.

Also, please no solutions with reduction in visible data.

@aww @Viper666.Qc

Thanks for just ignoring what I’ve written and just doing what Viper told you (who did that without discussing anything with anyone) and without listening to any counter suggestions or trying to discuss the issue.

You do realize that there are still thousands of brewpubs that don’t have place entries? And now you’ve removed the addresses from their entries, making the situation worse and their entries less useful to the people browsing the site. If we’ve had everything correct in the database - then this might’ve been a mildly understandable, if needless option, more or less, because people actually care for the info presented, believe it or not. Even in other cases, sometimes you’re on a brewery page and just want to check what the address is FFS, and just a town doesn’t help one bit. And this is without even getting into the usefulness of the address being plainly stated for database maintenance and deeper admin work. There was NO legitimate reason to remove that.

You haven’t achieved ANYTHING POSITIVE by removing the address from brewery entries. ANYTHING. But Viper bolded that so it must be the only valid thing to do, because fuck me, who the fuck am I on this site to be listened to, just some idiot admining the entire fucking world for the last 15 years on this site, in constant communication with both new and old users and non-users internationally, my opinion and interjection is therefore to be squarely ignored and not even discussed.

Please return the address and keep the link like it is. The issue was only the existence of the “map” button and how it worked. Nothing else.


Because they weren’t added as Places like they should have?

The incomplete data is not about the complete address being displayed or not on the brewer page as it should be displayed on the Place page, it’s that the Place page wasn’t created in the first place.
Also, If you click on the City link, you are still redirected to the exact address on Googlemaps. If people see all location infos on the Brewer page, it just make Brewer page and Place page too much identical and people won’t create/check the Place page and they’ll miss much more information if the Associated Place page is not consulted because all the Place infos are found ton that page, not on the Brewer page.

BTW, there should be an option to automatically create the Place associated to the Brewer (when it is the case) right in the Add Brewer page (wasn’t it the case in the past?).
The CLONE button works well (except for breaking the geolocation right now…which is a known bug since its new iteration) but some people don’t do it because it’s not part of the Brewer creation process

@aww @services

I just tested the “oh just push the city” like your ignorantly suggested would just take me to the place on google map, it opened several tabs, phone apps and wasted a bunch of my time. Please stick to messing with all the style categories that I don’t care about and please stop suggesting deletion of data I actually use as member and admin. Unless you’re taking on research and make places for all the breweries. Thanks…very annoyed RBian!

At least some people care about the site as a whole, not just the part that YOU care about. I try to find all the damn bugs that are plaguing the site and make it more functional.
Right now, people don’t create the Place page because of some small details like that (already have the full address on the Brewer page)

I already tried it on Mobile and Desktop and I can’t reproduce that. It either open Google maps on Mobile or go to the googlemaps page on desktop, as intented…no multiple tabs opening and all…

My admin region is 100% accurate on that. However, I can’t cover the the whole world, this is why we are many admins…

Let’s not all fall out people, everyone is doubtless doing their best, and it’s appreciated by grunts like me. Maybe improve the cross-admin dialogue a bit, so everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet? Peace all :v:

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Again how did deleting the actual brewery addresses make everyone’s experience better? What works for YOU doesn’t always work for everyone else, but obviously the programmers only listen to your inputs. They wonder why everyone gets frustrated/leaves and only us tethered to this system for sure amount of ratings and time we have put in stay.

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It’s not deleted! You can still access it by multiple sources… PLACE Page, Google Map, edit brewer or by simply hovering the cursor over the address on Desktop…

I don’t remember seeing many of your recommandations in the past… That’s what the bug and feedback section is all about… I’m not saying I got the solution for everything, far from it, but I’m of the few ones whining about each broken things and suggesting fixes as soon as they occur.

I would say it’s way more because they have a strong tendancy here to release things on broken states and the fact that other platforms have been superior for years now…
The website is in better shape that it was on the first updated design release… It’s far from perfect, but it’s way better now that what it was with the old outdated design.

Removing the brewery address is a massively retrograde step for my user experience in England, touring local areas and visiting breweries in the process as I frequently do (or did pre-lockdown) using RateBeer information was one of its useful features (often when so much else was failing). Many English breweries are accommodating to occasional visitors for on-sales but don’t have an official tap so don’t warrant a place entry.

And a couple of other things: 1) can we place check in now (once we can visit places again anyway) and 2) “add product” popping up immediately at the top of the search surely crates a risk of far more duplicate entries being raised?

So you are telling me that you use the full address on the RB brewery page so you can write it down on a paper or something similar? And then enter it later on googlemaps when you’ll want to visit it?

Also, If the Brewery have local On-Sale, goodies, visits, even on demand then it should have a PLACE page, with the appropriate infos on how visits /on-sale work in their description. If only keep it on the Brewer page, most people won’t even know any information about the place because it wasn’t created in the first place. Normally, a Brewer without Associated Places should either be because they are never Opened to Public, or simply a Trademark., if not it’s because the Associated Place is missing, because in this case, you could Review it.

I do hope they reinstate Check Ins for Places too… Removing one of the few Social Interaction of the website was a dumb idea…

Anyway, if you all think that displaying the full address on a Brewer Page is better then go for it, it was just a suggestion on my part because I think it’s hurting the Place Pages equivalent… We get more incomplete infos on the Brewer in the result if the Place page isn’t created.

Something like that. And work out my route in conjunction with places I also want to visit.

Ideally yes but what as? The only option I see to add such a place is Brewery/Taproom which would be very misleading for those that don’t have a Taproom?

Personally I do. But then I will always add (and place review) a brewery which should have a qualifying place entry too. I can understand your desire to want to make the place pages better but I think removing the addresses makes the brewery page less valuable and won’t actually lead to those who don’t place review to add them as a place so won’t make that any better.


Yeah, those Places choices are so inaccurate and outdated… Many people for example don’t add Cideries and Meaderies as Places since they don’t appear as choices…

So okay, during 20 years of Ratebeer, maybe pre- convert to place some people fucked up. So someone visiting should be punished.

I am now working on Czechia’s breweries and it took me x clicks more than should be normal just to confirm that a brewery entry’s a duplicate (brewery changed name and got re-added) because of this shit. Clicking on google maps just to verify the address is very much not user experience we should be providing.

From my experience, it does not affect creation or non-creation on places, at least not in significant numbers. Some just won’t add the place. Some just will just create a place entry without a brewery entry. Humans function in wildly different ways, take it from someone who’s seen it all here.

Removing data from visibility lessens the usefulness of the site in many ways, it lessens the draw of people (google brewery / address for whatever reason and lo! Ratebeer doesn’t pop up anymore - not a good thing). There is no excuse for hiding things on the website - understandable in the app - the web no, as the wealth / potential wealth of information is what sets us apart from certain other highly popular sites - who are actually making effort to mimic us in some ways more and more - and we should not mimic their weaknesses. Let’s not lose our strength and draw as an international point of reference.

Anyway, now that Viper’s okay with that too, @aww please return the address to the brewery page. Thanks man and, again, you can be sure I appreciate your efforts (and Viper’s)!