Website and Forum Now One

Not seen it mentioned elsewhere but on Android, at least, it’s all now in one.

Edit: other than Beermail.

So, do you see me posting under my ratebeer user name “FatPhil”, or under the forum fuckup “fatphil1”? If the latter, then they’re still not properly integrated.

It’s the latter!

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Yes! this is good. Old beermail should be a goner IMO. Being able to see your profile from the forum page is nice. Big props to having actual site search on the forum too.

I don’t see it. My profile on these forums.

Yeah I don’t see where this is…

There are links out to the other site, but it seems like actually accessing your BEER RATING profile on this BEER RATING website will take a few clicks if you’re in the forums.

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Looks like it disappeared unless I’m going completely crazy. I could have sworn clicking the three bars to the left of your mini avatar on the top right opened the old website profile options. @joet is there some one step forward two steps back dancing going on with this?

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We’re working, generally and specifically with regard to Discourse, on ways of unifying and standardizing look and feel and service/functionality around the site and on mobile. You may have seen some of changes being tested for visibility and usage. I should have more info on this later. cheers


@Joet can you get your tech team to drop everything and sort my name out. It is getting on my tits now.

There is a search field now to search for a beer and the results take you to the main site.

When I use the search function on the forums it takes me to a website that I’m not logged into and the results look really wonky.

The stupid thing is how people consider site A linking to site B, and site B linking to site A as being “one”. They are not integrated at all. I could link to one of my webites, and put a link on that website that links back. Oh, fuck it…

Tada! Ratebeer and ASDF are now one! Can I sign up for some ABInbev moolah somehow now?

Fake News!!

The Single Sign On (SSO) issues are being worked on. Patience please, and sorry for the inconvenience.

We’re also working on a few efforts related to site interface and user experience convergence. I think you’re going to be very happy with them. Really.


Will there be any of the new stats we’ve all been asking for? Then we’d be happy!

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful here, the website is definitely starting to show a lot of improvements in style and speed compared to the old days so a big thank you for the hard work that’s been put in so far. It’s just that for the loyal users who’ve stuck with you through the upheaval it’d be really nice to see something we’ve been asking for - map colours extended up to a 1k top target, or region splits for another country. Any chance Joet?