Website Bugs: Top 10 Rates of Breweries by County

So in the table I am 4th highest in Berkshire with 19 breweries but refer to the bottom of the table and it states that I have ticked 20 breweries:

It’s not cideries - I have had at least 2 nor is it closed breweries as I have had two from them as well.

It’s the same for other counties. Numbers do not tally and it dos no tie in with closed breweries or cideries. For Surrey I have had 4 of each:



Nope. In fact I don’t believe there are any in either county. Or Sakiaries.

I have a feeling that this problem has been pointed out before. I think I even raised this “issue” at some point. No one from the “powers that be” answered.

It’s Commissioners making the difference.

They don’t count as a full on brewery rate but are included in your tick count at the bottom.

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@Grumbo is correct here, the top list filters out Commissioner breweries, where your secondary listing at the bottom doesn’t.

I’ll have a chat with @joet to see what we can do here.

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We’ve updated the calculation to match what the table is counting at. Can you have a look to see if that resolves the inconsistencies you see?

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