"Weekly" message - 5 Jan 2017


First, let me apologize for the hiatus in messages. I know the expectation was for these to be weekly and there’s been a break of several weeks. I’ve spent that time on site issues unrelated to web production, some business issues, holidays, vacation and my extended family. I can’t promise this won’t happen again but will definitely give a heads up next time.

RateBeer now has a UX/designer, Jesse, who will be tackling all the UX issues we all know and love. There’s been some clarity about how to fix bugs and create greater harmony between web and mobile experiences but now that has a great advocate in Jesse who will be spearheading these efforts. Jesse is up in Seattle, right up the road from me.

Happy new year! Your year in review is now available in your account menu. I know it’s a bit of trick getting there but we’ve also added a shortcut to the profile modal that pops up when you click your own or another user’s avatar. We hope to make further improvements in this area in the future.

In early December we ran another series of user interviews focused on data and engagement. We also had an exploratory week with the engineers developing their own new technologies, several of which will be very useful to our cause. I’m excited to share these with you – we have much of our new development planned for completely novel areas that match our expertise, so we won’t be replicating features of other sites as much as creating new awesome features around what we know people want and like to do already – but will save that for their launch in coming months.

Thanks also to the admins who’ve been invaluable in producing one of the best RateBeer Bests we’ve ever produced. I’ve had a lot of great help from RateBeer volunteers refining our awards criteria, checking calculations and reviewing lists. We will release these lists over the week beginning 24 January. Thanks to everyone who rated a beer in 2017! We are shining a light burning bright back on the best brewers, beers and places solely based on your input!




Still says “My 2016” in the menu, but shows 2017 information. :+1: :champagne: Cheers!

Does “UX issues” mean the improving the actual website?


Hi Joe! How are you doing.

More stats. More regions. Fix non-English alphabets. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, please.

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