Weird Beard

So… Weird Beard moving up North, and to Bury in the short run. Does this mean the rates all move to Greater Manchester or do the admins think we should wait and see where they end up long term?

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It would be hard to divide if they just carried on with the same name and branding, wouldn’t it?

But I don’t agree with their entire history of releases being transferred to Greater Manchester, as they were clearly not brewed there.

I have a feeling the branding will change. I think it needs to, possibly the name. But maybe it’s because I’ve never liked the name, or any breweries with beard / beerd in the name.

Donzoko? Rings a bell where rates just moved overnight with no concern.

I’m in favour of waiting and seeing how things play out in this case. Weird Beard have 9 years worth of beers on the site, over 250 of them. I imagine the vast majority aren’t even brewed any more so it would be strange to have them all moved to Manchester. Off the top of my head in the past few years we haven’t really had this happen with a brewery that had so many beers have we?

Their core range looks quite small (assuming their website is up to date) so I’m thinking we maybe set up a new brewery and just move those ones across (again assuming they will continue to brew them) when that happens.

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Yes, Donzoko were from County Durham rather than London so no one was bothered

London or Manchester seems like from one large county to another…nothing to see here!

Also Donzoko only have 45 beers at the moment. Quite a few people have well over 100 Weird Beard rates!

Is this all about county stats/rates? There is no precedence that I am aware of on RateBeer were we retired a brewery to add the same brewery because it moved/was sold. I did a quick search through old forum posts and couldn’t find anything about it. Not to mention that other than a new owner the head brewer/founder is still involved.

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I would assume the ratings follow the brewery to it’s new location. It would be HIGHLY unusual to do otherwise, and would be messy as hell.


Yup. The precedent is pretty clear on this one.


Checks who is above him the Greater London tables and how many Weird Beard beers they’ve rated.

I have had maybe 5 of their beers so not too bothered.

Unless plans change and they move to Surrey. (Thought I’d get that in before anyone else.)

Probably going to take me out of the top 50 in Greater Manchester, but I’m not arguing against the brewery move.

I’d hold your horses, GM may not be the final and/or only destination…