Welcome! And how do I unsubscribe to fora I don't want to see?

I hope you’re enjoying the new fora here! You may be looking around wondering how to tune out OT- Medium or why you’re getting fora in foreign languages…

I have answers…


For forums, you go to the forum you no longer want to see, there is a little circle with a drop down menu at the top right. Change that to muted.

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  1. First, go to a forum you wish to remove from view
  2. Second, click this part of the page
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  1. Select Muted


  1. Enjoy! You’re done.

I don’t seem to get that up the top right on my phone, does it require me to be on a computer to mute a forum section?

^^ that’s what I see

And now I have found I can do it via computer.

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On mobile , is you select a Forum post, then click on the forum name it shoudl take you to the main section for that forum
just above suggested topics the tracking option should be available for altering

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Am I going to have to “mute” each & every regional forum individually to stop seeing posts from them in the main feed?

sadly that seems to be the case. Ive not managed to work out a better way. Ive just been doing them as they get a post,

In your prefs you can unmute easily but not worked out how to Mute easily.

Maybe @joet can run a script mute all locals and then have people unmute as they want

Appears so. Really tiring. Non-primary forums should really be opt-in instead of opt-out due to the high number of them.


When clicking “new” or “latest”, at least on mobile, even long after muting some forums, these muted ones still come up in the feed.

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Ok have you checked the thread thats appearing, Its possible (depending on your setting) your following that thread but not the Forum (as thread setting trumps forum setting)

One thing to check is
https://community.ratebeer.com/u/cgarvieuk/preferences/notifications (for you im guessing
https://community.ratebeer.com/u/gnoff/preferences/notifications )

IF you have “Automatically track topics i enter” set low, you could easity track any topic you look at, even if only briefly


The default for “Automatically track topics I enter” (that seems a bit ambiguous to me - “topics I read” would be clearer) seems to be “after 4 minutes”. At least that’s what it was set at when I just looked and I have no recollection of changing it. I presume that means if you stay on a post or posts in a particular thread for more than 4 minutes, you’ll automatically track them.

I’ve probably “entered” quite a few topics because their appearance on the latest list is how I’ve identified and navigated to the forums I want to mute. In this particular instance I probably wandered away to do something else for a few minutes so automatic tracking kicked in.

Linking that function to a particular time period seems a bit odd to me.

before i understood it i had it set to always, So was puzzled how i was getting stuff from Forums id muted. till i realised somehow the topics were being tracked.

So yeah not exactly clear


I do not following anything in any type of off-topic forum.
But I have been into

and muted each and every one.
Still, it seems everytime something new happens there, it pops up under “new” and “latest” still.

As for the rest:

Automatically track topics I enter

When I post in a topic, set that topic to

Notify when liked

Desktop Notifications
Disable Notifications

Ok, looks like you have done all the right things.

So im afraid ive no idea.

This doesn’t happen on PC BTW, only when using the forum on mobile and then “latest” or “new”.
Doing the same on PC seems to have all muted forum parts actually muted.

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