Went to Honey's

I was at Honey’s the weekend before Thanksgiving.

This is a place associated with Enlightenment Meads

I was expecting a quiet place with hipsters drinking mead. I did not expect loud music and free shots from bartenders. I think my party was the only one that came for the mead. The mead is fun and pricey but the place is not what I imagined.

Lol. Place is strange man. Mead is tasty though if you like it dry. I give them all my shekels. Was the kvass on?

I wish! Real kvass with alcohol?

The mead is drier but I went for the more fancy and less dry stuff. But nowhere near the almost undrinkable dry mead from All-Wise. My one visit a few years ago soured me on that place. Not sure if they are still in business.

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