Westvleteren XII ~ For trade Connecticut

I have 5 bottles of slightly aged Westvleteren XII that I’m seeking to trade for my favorite wine :wine_glass: .
Pickup in Connecticut.
PM if interested.

Hey there, I’m interested.

Hi Chippo:
The backstory on my WVXII is this:
I purchased 6 bottles, for a small fortune, from Belgium.
It was for a anticipated special occasion that never occurred.
My husband had one, but isn’t an IPA fan to begin with.
So, hoping to find them a good home.
They have been stored in a dark cupboard away from any heat.
I’d like to trade the 5 bottles for $125 worth of my favorite brand wine. This sum represents less than I paid for them.
If you are interested LMK :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ok, I understand. I know a lot of shops do have a huge mark-up on the bottles. 24 bottles at the brewery costs € 46,40 = $54.91 though, so I’ll have to pass. What specific wine are you looking for? Maybe I can find you a good price on it to help you out.

The shipping factored in to the price.
But either way, thanks for your interest!

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But the Monks don`t ship. Pick up only at the Abbey, pre-sale (if you lucky to get to the shop) and only two crates within two month. Rather complicated to get in Europe as well.

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Westy 12, an IPA? Hmmmm. IPA truly is the, BOSS!

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LOL–see, I’m not beer literate----I meant to say dark ales.

But, he doesn’t care for IPA’s either :rofl:

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