Wetherspoon Fest 10-25 Oct 2020

Oh dear!

Now click on the tasting notes link.


Urk. Are they just rebadging their standard year-round beers as a festival?



It feels like Wetherspoons are finished as any kind of beer destination. I had pretty much stopped going before lockdown, but when I did, I’d often walk back out again. Very often I’d only find the five national beers (Doom Bar, Ruddles etc) and only an occasional guest or two.

I remember in 2014 they got those Sixpoint cans in, no big deal now but back then it was pretty special for my neck of the woods (pre-Beerfly Bedford). I really thought they’d build on that but… no.

The least bad Wetherspoons closed in Leicester, and neither of the other two are even in my top 15 places in the city.* So unless pretty much everywhere else closes, I won’t be 'Spooning it for a long time.

*Edit: Going by my place rates only, the two remaining JDW in Leicester are number 25 and 27 of still-open pubs/bars in Leicester, respectively.


The Emporer’s New Beer Festival ?

I’ve been to a few Spoons since lockdown, and it is very noticeable that the number of guest ales is much lower than before (typically around half). However, they are by no means alone in this respect.

Just checked, and of my 170 ratings since lockdown, 18 of them were in Wetherspoons - so there is still some variety to be found.

Not picked up a new rating in a Wetherspoons for a long while. Absolutely no reason to go during this festival by the looks.


Two words: Hard no.

Won’t set foot in a 'Spoons ever again.


Welcome to the Forums dgs1300. Totally agree with your sentiment there. Plenty of independent pubs to support rather than add to Tim Martins fortune, which is hopefully dwindling.