Wetherspoons March '22 Festival

It’s almost upon us and no comments yet. Starts Wed 30th. I have added the missing beers on here, quite a few actually, 12 new beers to Ratebeer.
I have 16 new beers to find, my problem is that for the first weekend we are staying in a non Spoons town, a rarity!
I reckon I will use the Spoons App Ale Finder to see what is in before I enter and get trapped when I find a Spoons.
I think after 2 years of very few festivals there might be more interest this year.
There are 3 collabs, 2 new ones and a repeat from a few years back.
Anyone else going to give it a go?


Wasn’t on my radar at all, so nice one bringing it up. Kind of avoided the place after the lockdown controversies but think I’m over that now so will probably give it a go - will pull the program when their website starts to work properly, see what’s on offer, certainly looks like I might score my 1st Jersey rate based on the summary

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the beer in both Spoons in town Simon. Both had a complete cellar refit last year, and the cask beer quality is spot on, perfect in fact.

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I will most likely pop into my local Spoon’s and see what’s about; not going to make a great effort though.


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Managed to download the beer list and by my reckoning there are 3 new regions and 6 new breweries for me (on RB) so let’s just hope my local Spoons get those in when I’m able to get down there! Shan’t be chasing them if they don’t, can’t see myself heading off to other towns to find them

18 new rates for me (had 7 of the offerings before). To be fair the list is ‘semi-interesting’ and I will try and pick up a few cheap hits if I can.


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Hadn’t even thought that this might be coming up. I doubt I’ll get a chance to go - although I would obviously like to snag the Liberation beer and maybe one or two others.

If anyone wants the list you can download the pdf here:

Hmmmm, I’m surprised to say it but that’s not a bad list. Both Spoons in Leicester are pretty grim establishments but I still might pop in to see if I can find that new Liberation rate at least.

I had a little look at the JDW festival list as I’ll be at a gig in Manchester next week so their Ale FInder app could come in handy on that occasion :slight_smile: 16 of the 25 are new for me, including 2 of the overseas guest brewer ones. Might be able to pick a few more winners up locally at some of the Cheshire Wetherspoons.

Just an afterthought on this: For previous JDW festivals some of their pubs had a stillage with all of the festival beers featuring at some point, I just wondered if this still happened. I’m sure the Babington in Derby was one of the places along with one of the Exeter Spoons. Obviously the beer range is less than in past festivals but it would still be a handy way of picking off the last few winners.

Popped into a Spoons today, on the off chance, and hey presto have bagged my first of the 25 - was a relatively decent golden ale from Lees. Strangely, coming soon next to it was a non-festival guest beer from Loddon, so who knows how they plan it all at each pub, going to be pot luck over the next couple of weeks I reckon

Just checked my own records against the Festival list. I w2as amazed to find I had only drunk 5 of the beers before - and had rated NONE of them ! Fancy having Theakstons XB as a tick ! Looks like I’m going to have a busy few days…

The Trent Bridge Spoons in Nottingham always puts them all on in one go.


Thanks, a good excuse for a spin around Nottingham I think!

As does the Standing Order in Derby - though they tend to disappear very quickly

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On the other hand, on the first actual day of the festival the two Stafford branches have a grand total of ZERO festival beers between them !

The one ace thing about this thread in particular (and the forum in general) is the hive mind - it was only after reading above about the app that I realised you possibly might be able to see what beers are on per pub: result, have now snaffled 4 of the beers and no wasted trips to do so. Cheers all


I haven’t rated Theakston’s XB on cask either Martin, very surprised that it’s not there yet. Hoping today is the day I’m allowed out, negative yesterday, testing again at 10:00.


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The Theakston XB was on in our local Spoons, not that I needed it though. I popped in as I noticed via the app that they had the Mauldon’s Cherry Porter on, which I did require, so had a cheeky pint. Now off to the wilds of Gloucestershire for a week, so unless I can get a bus somewhere no more for me till I get back.

1st time in a Wetherspoons since 5th December 2021 (Terminal 5 Heathrow).

My local outlet had 6 of the festival beers on. Sadly only 2 were new to me; JW Lees Malt Crush and Saltaire Banquet.

So I had those and re acquainted myself with the Banks’s Young Henry Real Ale and the Shepherd Neame Birrificio Foglie d’Erba Hot Night at the Village.

The other 2 I didn’t have were Orkney Dragonhead and Titanic Nine Tenths Below, didn’t want to drink too much at lunchtime.

So 6 isn’t a bad effort and the lad serving told me nothing had ‘gone yet’ and they had all the rest waiting to go on.

£2:10 a pint here in Wellington, Shropshire.


Local Spoons has 3 festival beers on today . Shame i have covid so i cant go out