Wetherspoons Seasonal Guests

Earlier this week I picked up a copy of the latest Wetherspoons Real Ale Tasting Notes (May – July), and was pleasantly surprised by some of the inclusions.

First of all there are no few than 41 beers listed – don’t remember there ever being so many previously. And some of the breweries are one I can’t recall seeing in Spoons before – Redcastle, Blindmans, Old Dairy, Bishop Nick, Hop Union, Redemption. Two of those are even brewery ticks for me ! [ Also some people not from this area might find Beartown and Coach House unusual as well ]

In all there are 14 beers completely new to me, and 15 which I’ve drunk before but not reviewed.

Of course, the trick is actually finding some of the beers in my local branch(es), but at least I know what to look out ofr.

My local Spoons only seems to have Slaters beers as guests, the manageress must have a thing about them.

Doubt I will see a single one of those you’ve mentioned @Martinsh, when I do my fortnightly walk in and walk out of ‘The William Withering’ (named after a local Botanist who did stuff with Foxgloves and is rumoured to have been teetotal).


Hmm. I’ll ask my other friend from Wellington about that. He’s the Wetherspoons expert !

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One of my local Spoon’s, The Shrewsbury Hotel (in Shrewsbury) hasn’t sold Cask Ales since the last floods got into the cellar. That was last year I think!


Update on The Shrewsbury Hotel - I hear that cask is back! I will endavour to see for myself next time I have the chance.

My self-imposed boycott of JDW has now ended, after I realised I was cutting off my nose to spite my face, and my reasons were probably all to hell anyway! And they had a beer on at the festival that completed my England regions :grin:

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I seem to remember @Minutemat saying something about both Shrewsbury Spoons having revamped cellars a few weeks ago ? Not been to Shrewsbury since September 2020 - high time for another visit.

Was that when you, me and Glen had a few together with Mat?


Yes that’s true, but not sure about Shrewsbury Hotel as they still were flooded again earlier this year so weren’t serving draft for ages.

No it wasn’t. That was a few weeks earlier.

@Martinsh that’s the biggest JDW seasonal guest list I’ve seen too. I thought Hop Union was a new brewery for me but on closer investigation it’s the former Great Western Brewing Company who relocated and rebranded earlier this year. There are still some beer ticks to go at though :slight_smile:

Just writing up my beer notes from this afternoon’s after-works drinks in Stafford. I visited three pubs

Shrewsbury Arms (Black Country) - 9 cask beers on tap, no ticks
Sun (Titanic) - 12 cask beers on tap, no ticks
Picture House (JDW) - 6 cask beers (including “trio of doom”), two ticks !

2 ticks out of 27 taps is slim pickings!

Down to 4 required on the current JDW Seasonal Guest list: Evan Evans WPA, Redcastle Red Lady, Skinners Lushingtons, Vale Wychert. Whether I’ll pick them all up by the end of the month, probably not but I’d like to get the Redcastle one as it’s a new brewery for me. I could use the JDW Ale Finder app as a last resort but it still wouldn’t guarantee that the beer was still on in the pub when I arrived there, especially if some travel time was involved.

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