Wetherspoons Watch 2018 - it's fest time!

My local Spoons no longer sells Devils Backbone or Shipyard on draught keg. It got replaced by Black Sheep Pathmaker but apparently that didn’t sell either. So they’ve only gone and installed draught Punk IPA! Win win! It wasn’t retailing at the time I went in but apparently will sell for a pocket friendly £2.99 a pint. My local Hungry Horse also has Punk on tap too.

Has anyone else spotted this at Spoons?

Didn’t they used to have punk ipa on tap 4 or 5 years ago.

Don’t venture into Spoons that often but was in Farnborough Spoons last Saturday.

They definately still had Shipyard on Keg … think Punk was cans … paying more attention to a couple of new local cask ticks on this visit.

I have heard that Spoons are getting Punk on draught as standard, as well as cans of Elvis Juice.

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Biggest Spoons in country is in Ramsgate Kent. it’s glorious with fantastic views over the Channel and harbour. Have a beer and a curry and then explore the micro pubs of Thanet by the Loop bus. perfect day out.

Was in my local Spoons on Tuesday. No new rates, change of manager has stopped the flow of different cask ales on offer. Just the same ones now on my last three visits (months apart).


That sucks. I’ve been less enamoured of JDW in recent months.

Generally 'Spoons have gone badly downhill over the last couple of years. However, the beer list for their spring festival has been published and it looks a little more hopeful than the last couple. Link to the list at the bottom of this page:


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I like the look of that list, 30 fairly diverse beers there. I will try and make the effort to have a few of those if I get the chance. The collaborations are hit and miss, but when they have been good they’ve been very good when you factor in the price.


Somewhere between 20-25 winners for me on that list.
Good to see Oakham Attila as the strong beer on the list. Love that beer. Will definitely be having a few pints of that when I find it.

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It’s not a bad list, and I agree with Ian about the Attila! Nice to see another Adnams/Sixpoint offering.

Wish they could include the Adams / Stone Double IPA again. Good memories of that one.

Wasn’t it Shepherd Neame?

Both Shep’s and Adnams did it. The Shep’s version is still the second highest rated IPA on the site, although I personally preferred the Adnams.

You are correct. Definitely the Shepherd Neame version I continue to lust after!

Except the time in the Shakespeare’s Head when they accidentally connected up a cask of Younds Bitter to the Stone/Sheps DIPA pump. We managed to spot the mistake with that one.

Only after nearly half a pint of Youngs Ordinary. Looking at it, thinking, “well it didn’t taste like this, last time.”

Right. Fest starts Wednesday.

I’ve added all the beers apart from the Wychwood Hobgoblin IPA. Question for the admins on this one: The existing version of this beer is brewed at Wychwood and all entries are for the bottled version. The one listed in the fest programme is obviously cask, and is brewed at Banks. Do we want a new cask/fest-only variant on the site for the Banks brew and if so do we do this as a contract-brew or what? Presumably we’ll need extra notes under each variant if so to avoid confusion?

On another note, what do the admins/everyone else feel about adding tags for each Spoons fest (so it’s easy to see how many you’ve got, and who’s got the most)?

I think it’d also be interesting to have a general Witherspoon’s Collab tag in use all the time.

As usual thanks Anth. I will be hitting various Kent Spoons on Wednesday evening