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What am I going to do?

Most of the pubs are completely closed. I can get off site sales. I guess I will sit at home and drink beer. How is everybody else coping?

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Thinking I need to find on line beer stores that are still open.

I’ve been getting take out from some of the local places to help keep them afloat.


If the US is anything like the UK pubs and shops will be offering takeaway beers. A couple around here are also providing drivethrough services and putting the beer straight into your boot.


I’d rather have it in a glass, in my boot would make for some soggy walking…:yum:


California just let that happen. Just needs a “tight fitting lid” whatever that is.

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I gots plenty of beer and whiskey at home so there’s that.
I’m missing the camaraderie…

In Norway all pubs and bars are now closed. Some restaurants are open, but only if customers can sit by a table, not near other guests. But, most restaurants are closed too, since they are only allowed to serve a very limited number of guests. Luckily, grocery stores and beer stores are still open. And even better, I have craft bottles and cans enough, even if I have to stay inside the rest of the year! Cheers :beer::beer:

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We are burning through our alcohol stashes in Shig’s video chat. :smiley:

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All pubs and restaurants are closed now in Germany, even in Bavaria… But in every town You’ll find a Getränkemarkt, which is still open, to quench your thirst. I bought there more than 80 bottles of good Hofbräu Maibock…

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We have a mug club in a nearby charcuterie, which remains open since it’s a grocery store which also sells beer. We just moved our weekly tasting sessions to zoom.


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