What are the UK’s best brewery online shops?

Hi everyone, what are the UK’s best brewery online shops? I buy from a number of excellent sites such as Honest Brew, Sophie’s Beer Store and Rad Beer but would love to buy direct from quality breweries to try a full suite of their beers. @LazyPyro’s excellent thread here has lots of good information but I’m aware that the original list of brewery online shops is no longer being updated. I’m also interested in international breweries but presume that UK breweries will be cheaper for shipping and love what UK breweries have to offer. All recommendations very welcome. Thanks!

Kernel, Burning Sky, Mills and St Mars of the Desert all have online stores (Mills you need fast fingers for). That’s it all wrapped up for me, tbh.

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Thread might not be up to date but the website directory is :slight_smile:

Cloudwater are excellent. Everything available as individual cans so you’re not forced into buying multiples. Excellent range of guests and US stuff each week too.
North Brew Co, Northern Monk, Pomona Island. I’d like to include Track and Deya but both force you into buying 4/6 packs for most beers.

Honestly there’s so many breweries with online shops now. this link currently shows 338 breweries’ shops that are in, or ship to, the UK.

Anything more specific you’re after? Certain counties, countries, styles?

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Used to use Honest Brew …well and truly sacked since early lockdown

2 and a half weeks to deliver despite me being a member who paid in monthly … they missed a massive trick in not prioritising delivery to members in early lockdown instead of rubbing their hands together and just sucking in all the orders from Johnny come lockdown lately’s!

Then I discovered that House in York … a vastly superior range to Honest Brew and the same beers for around 20% less cost !

HOTM also offer superb service (phoned them and they split a can I wanted from a mixed 12 pack and put 1 of said item on sale before my very eyes whilst on the phone so I could put it in my basket) and next day delivery

For a bottleshop I rarely look elsewhere these days

Post edit: realise the thread is about brewery shops online but wanted to have a pop at Honest Brew, as the OP had mentioned them!

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And yeah … CW are my most commonly used brewery site for their own excellent beers and a great choice of guests which makes it easy to unlock free postage @£40

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Agree about HonestBrew. I still use them, reluctantly. But mostly for international breweries they have exclusive UK distro for which I’m a fan of. I typically use RADBeer or Trembling Mad for most orders because their prices are unbeatable.

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OP specified brewery online sales.

See my post edit from half an hour ago

The problem for me with breweries is that I don’t want multiples of the same beer, which I guess is standard on here.

But breweries I do/have ordered from: Double-Barrelled, Siren, Unity, Emsworth Brewhouse, Cloudwater.

Ordering from abroad doesn’t necessarily cost any more. Higher postage prices but the beers can be cheaper, certainly if ordering from the Netherlands.

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Another nod for CW, the free postage over 40 quid is great and I’ve always had good service.

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Mega helpful as always, thanks! I’ll have a good look through that directory.

I’ve ordered from Cloudwater a few times. The service is good and the free shipping for orders over £40 is certainly an attraction.

Price is definitely a factor in what I’m looking for, as I can’t afford the prices of much of the new releases on Honest Brew, even with membership price.

Selection is another factor. There are good brewery online sites but some offer only a handful of their own beers. I’d love to order 12+ new beers from a good brewery I’ve yet to try.

In terms of styles I’m looking for: IPA, DIPA, BIPA, amber ale, doppelbock, mild.

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Really helpful, thanks! I’ll check them out.

Well for IPAs and DIPAs practically any brewery will do, the ones we’ve already mentioned in this thread especially.

BIPAs are harder to come by and I don’t know of any breweries regularly doing one. However, Burnt Mill have just released one called Cascadian Rhythm. And so have Vocation, a huge 11% one with coconut.

As for the other styles I’m not really sure, some of the more traditional breweries might be doing those, which isn’t really my area of expertise to be honest. That said, one to keep an eye on would be Boutilliers as they often do styles which are not at all trendy, and they did do a couple of Milds at the start of the year (though none at the moment). They also have a selection of guest beers available.

Redwillow unfortunately don’t sell individual cans but do have a ruby mild out at the moment. They do a 12 mixed case but don’t say what’s in it.

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Hey @Theydon_Bois - what is the website for That House In York?

You won’t go wrong !

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Was impressed with Cheshire brewery, arrived next day.

Ordered one of every beer that was available.


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