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What Are You Going To Do When Lockdown Ends?

Still planning on going on a summer vacation on a caravan park in south east Devon this July. Would love for there to be family friendly quiet pubs for lunchtime and a few pints to rate on here. The reality is shepherding three young kids into social distancing in such places I think will be too much and we will not be welcome. Will likely bring a bunch of bottled beers with me for he evening!

Have a week in Swanage (and a couple of nights in Winchester) booked for July so have been waiting to see if that’s still on. Was hoping to up my Dorset ticks.

I will be in Moreton in Marsh from July 4th so will be using pubs there plus have a day out in Worcester on the train and visit some other country pubs too. Doubt whether there will be a great deal of choice around and therefore not too many new beers but at least its a move forwards.

Booked a week in Sicily in early August, so I will be targeting more Sicilian micros and broader Italian beers for a week. Not going to bother going any where locally for the moment, only Brewdog open in Reading, as far as I have noticed. I did suggest I headed there, whilst wife went to hairdressers on Saturday, didn’t go down that well :thinking:

California allowed bars to open. Spike in cases. Looks like bars will be shutting again.

We’ve been able to travel for a few weeks over here and the borders with the likes of Austria, Italy and others have been open since June 15th. We’ve mostly been travelling locally into München or the Alps, will head just over the border into Austria a week on Thursday for a long weekend, but literally only just over the border to a campsite just south of Mittenwald, however other than perhaps the brewpub in Mittenwald I am not expecting too many new beers.

Only certain Counties have had to close down again, Orange County is still open for business.


got a flight booked, exactly 5 months after my previous one. Now fingers crossed the Hungarians say I can come in (though I’m only £20 down if they don’t)

It isn’t anymore.

I had my first beer outside my home last Saturday, at Dieu du Ciel!


Yes, my daughter told me last night (she lives in Orange County). Really annoying, for her; beaches, their car parks and everything else that had opened all closed again.


obviously the fear there is that all the pubs that open get closed again and potentially have another load of stock to drainpour

I think that they are going to have to make sure that non of their punters get rolling drunk even though they will be keen to sell as much as possible. Quite a balance, only needs one officious off duty councillor or copper to be out reporting them. Baby steps early on.

Why would you re-open the pubs on a Saturday? What is the reasoning behind this? It’s as if the government wants the shit to hit the fan. :joy:


They’ve now announced that they can open at 6:00 am.

When there is a spike in a few weeks the govt will take no responsibility and will blame the people who were in the pubs at 6:00 am. One of the key aspects of their Covid-19 response is to find people to point the finger at.


Mmm not many will be open at 6am, not sure what that is about. Pubs could manage a Saturday by using a finite ticket only approach on any night, including a Saturday. Fact is people need to make their own choices and be responsible, unless society expects to be spoon fed by the government. The balance is allowing the economy to get started and save peoples livelihoods and the countries wealth. The virus is not going away, so we need to learn to live with it, as another risk in life. Unfortunately, as we know, some of the British public probably can not be trusted to be sensible enough.

Will it ever end?

Whoever gets infected is the stupid person to be blamed.

Like virtually the whole British Government!


The whole 6am thing was to stop places opening at midnight. It was less you can open at 6:00. More you can’t open before 6:00.

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