What are your top 5 USA States by your highest rated beers?

Just had a New Mexico beer and wondered if I liked beer from New Mexico, turns out they are ok, but not in my top 5 USA states by average score that I have given them.

My top 5 are:
Iowa 3.8 average score given due to Toppling Goliath
Nebraska 3.76 due to a few high scoring Nebraska Brewing beers
Washington DC 3.63
South Carolina 3.58
Wyoming and Indiana both at 3.54

If someone told me my favourite American beers on average came from Iowa, Nebraska and Washington DC, I’d have told you to go find a contemporary English batsman who can bat all day like Michael Atherton or Geoff Boycott or my Kent blocking hero, Chris Tavare. i.e. bog off.

What are yours?

Takes a bit of time as you can’t sort them by score, or at least I couldn’t.

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Wyoming at 4.0 - with only one beer though, Melvin 2x4.

this is followed by:

  • Delaware with 3.97, solely due to Dogfish Head and me having had only the best of their beers I guess
  • South Carolina at 3.96 due to Westbrook
  • Vermont and Oklahoma at 3.83, courtesy of Prairie, American Solera, Hill Farmstead, Casita, and Alchemist mostly.

Yes my South Carolina ratings are higher up due to Westbrook too. No idea what the rest of the state is like.

Although I’ve been to the USA before I’ve not actually drank there, so all my rates are from bottles/cans I’ve picked up in the UK over the past 3 years or so, which means they’re undoubtedly skewed by certain breweries we get more of.

Vermont - 4.33
Viriginia - 3.98
South Carolina - 3.95
Michigan - 3.94
New York - 3.81

Not very insightful though because…

Vermont is from three beers from Alchemist which I absolutely loved as you can tell.
Virginia is four from The Veil
South Carolina is two from Westbrook
Michigan is a bunch of Founders and Dark Horse.
NY is the only legitimate one there with 27 rates. Evil Twin, Brooklyn, Sixpoint, KCBC make up all these, a couple more to add from Finback soon.

OK, my score do not include a state with only one rate:

I give you Ohio on 3.78 from 4 beers, all Hoppin’ Frog.
Second is New Hampshire at 3.64 with all 5 beers coming from Smuttynose.
Third comes Virginia on 3.63 from 7 beers and 6 different breweries.
Equal fourth we have Mitchigan on 3.5 from 25 beers: Bells, Founders and Jolly Pumpkin being the main players. Idaho being also on 3.5 but with only two beers, both from Grand Teton.

Total wise the list changes greatly:

California 773 (been a few times).
Colorado 68
New York 54
Oregon 43
Massachusetts 42


Come on @Leighton and @Theydon_Bois lets be 'aving you!


Just the one outlier for me …

Arkansas @#1 … a 3.9 and my only rate for this state.

I’ll take that away from the main top 5 - all of which are from states with 50+ ratings (highest rated brewer from state in brackets - I discounted one brewer with under 10 rates here).

1.) Vermont 3.78 (Hill Farmstead 76 @3.9 average)
2.) Maine 3.67 (Maine Beer Co 11 @3.9 average)
3.) Indiana 3.63 (Three Floyds 33 @3.74)
4.) Illinois 3.61 (Goose Island 24 @3.75)
5.) New York 3.6 (Other Half 93 @3.81)

I’ve got 11 states in single figures, with Arkansas and South Dakota both stuck on 1, 14 with 100 plus and 24 on 50 plus so the data and amount of beers is pretty good for my top 5.


All right, calm down old man.

  1. Arkansas: 4.3. Definitely a random one. Only rated one beer, really liked it, gave it a 4.3.

  2. Vermont: 3.89. Numerous good breweries, but also a few average old school ones. I drink a lot from this state, so the score gets dragged down a bit by the less good breweries.

  3. Oklahoma: 3.89. This one surprised me. But then, it shouldn’t. I have mostly just rated Prairie and American Solera from the state, and both are great breweries.

  4. Alaska: 3.86. Comes down to two breweries, mostly: Anchorage and Midnight Sun, and I rated many beers from the latter quite high early on in my rating days.

  5. South Carolina: 3.82. This was another one that surprised me but shouldn’t have. Almost all the ratings are for Westbrook beers, and the brewery makes a lot of fantastic imperial stouts.


From a very small sample that is skewed by sampling

  1. Oregon 3.77 but who would not want Deschutes Obsidian stout or Logsden Cerasus or something interesting by Cascade even if it isnt Sang Royal.
  2. Connecticut and Michigan are tied on 3.67 but Michigan has Founders whereas CT has only Two Roads (and I don’t mean that literally).
  3. Tennessee 3.65 solely because Brewdog sample Mantra.
  4. New Hampshire, South Carolina and Vermont are tied on 3.5 and with Smuttynose and Westbrook the first two are obvious leaders but Lawson’s of Vermont may be an outlier.
    Slightly surprised that California and Colorado are high for offerings but lower for quality although obviously that is often the nature of bigger samples. Ruhstaller and Bruery Terreux lift California in my slender listing but despite some good beers Colorado has yet to “wow” me.

No real surprise on South Carolina coming first for me due to including the 13 x Barrel Aged versions of Westbrook Mexican Cake - ranging from 4.6 to 4.2 :slight_smile:

  1. South Carolina 3.88
  2. Iowa 3.85
  3. Oklahoma 3.8
  4. Vermont 3.79
  5. Virginia 3.77
Vermont 3.92
Tennessee 3.9
Rhode Island 3.9
Idaho 3.9
Wyoming 3.85

Surprised by all of those but Vermont honestly. They are all one brewery states though.

Florida 4.1 (4) Cigar City
Ohio 4.1 (3) Hoppin’ Frog
Indiana 4.1 (3) Three Floyds
Iowa 4.1 (1)
Alaska 4.07 (3) - interesting 3 beers from 3 breweries

All affected by low numbers my top 10 most rated are consistently 3.6-3.7

State Average Ratings
Illinois 4.2 3
Oklahoma 4.18 5
Vermont 4.15 14
South Carolina 4.15 2
Iowa 4.12 4

Illinois: all 3 from Goose Island, two BCBS

Oklahoma: 4 times Prairies and one American Solera

Vermont: 8 times Hill Farmstead, 2 Grassroots, 2 Casita, 2 Alchemist

South Carolina: 1 rate from Westbrook and 1 tick from Westbrook (stil in the cellar Pappy Mexcan Cake)

Iowa: all 4 by Toppling Goliath

Hill Farmstead seems key.

So 11 months later (and a few more US rates) I thought I’d join in:

  1. Vermont - 4 for 3 breweries at 3.82 (Wunderkammer contribute 2, brewed at Hillstead)
  2. Texas - 2 Jester Kings at of 3.8
  3. Michigan 8 for 5 breweries at 3.79
  4. Indiana 3 for 2 breweries at 3.73
  5. Washington 2 for 2 breweries at 3.6

OK, 11 months has seen very little change from me in the quality stakes.

New Hampshire has overtaken Ohio at the top.
Third place is Georgia (but only two beers).
Michigan and Oklahoma equal fourth.

Overall totals have grown a bit:

California now at 862 (up from 773) score =3.29
Colorado at 76 (up from 68) score = 3.21
New York at 63 (up from 54) score = 3.20
Massachusetts now fourth on 51 (up from 42) score = 3.27
Oregon drops to fifth with 47 (up from 43) score = 3.38

Another holiday in California this winter will hopefully see a few more new 'merican rates.


Entirely predictable on a low total.
My Rating
Founders Barrel Aged CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)
Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale
Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)
2.S. Carolina
Westbrook 7th Anniversary Chocolate and Sea Salt
3.Washington state
Silver City Fat Scotch Ale
Bruery Terreux Beret
Oskar Blues Ten FIDY - Bourbon Barrel Aged

Professional Beer 'ater checking in:
Alaska 3.5 from 3 - Anchorage and Alaskan both good
Indiana 3.35 from 4 - 3Fl did some OKs
New Mexico 3.28 from 4 - Cumbre/Chama ditto
Kentucky 3.25 from 6 - AtG ditto
Ohio 3.23 from 22 - HF *ORIS yes, others no, J.O. generally no

1.South Carolina 3.9
2.Iowa 3.83
3.Virginia 3.81
4.Oklahoma 3.81
5.Alabama 3.8

Had a couple of state changes, Alabama shot up to 5th (on strength of just 2 beers) Virginia up to 3rd from 5th, but one thing that hasn’t changed is South Carolina keeping itself in 1st, and probably wont change much if recent beers like this keep coming out of there…

https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/westbrook-double-barrel-maple-coconut-mexican-cake/753774/215924/ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. Florida 3.69 (122 total)
  2. Indiana 3.65 (33 total)
  3. North Carolina 3.62 (18 total)
  4. Minnesota 3.6 (5 total)
  5. Arizona 3.58 (24 total)

Apart from Minnesota fairly good sample sizes.

Arizona comes in at number 5 due to Superstition so not really beers that drive that state up.
Minnesota thanks to Surly, North Carolina a bit mixed but mostly Fonta Flora that gains high ratings. Indiana sees the highest ratings go to Three Floyds and Upland. Finally Florida, highest average rating despite having the most total ratings on the top five. As to be expected a bit more breweries here but the stand out ones that drive up the average ratings are Cycle, 3 Sons, J. Wakefield, Angry Chair and the odd Cigar City even if they have some beers further down as well that lowers the average.