What Changes would you like in the new app

Lets try out one of the Forums new Features.
If you could make One or Two change to the New RB App what would they be.

  • Ability to Rate Offline
  • Search work the same as the web site
  • Nearby Places
  • Be able to Write Review text before scoring
  • Be able to rate places
  • Display Searched beers with out review details
  • Add new beers
  • See more of your latest rating
  • Other (reply with what)

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UPC scan, this was so useful.
Same score system than website.
No “private” ratings. If someone wants to tick, just tick!


Ok first off interesting Leason. We cant edit a poll after 5 mins (sort of makes sence) was gonna add UPC scan

What do you mean same Score as website. Thats now available? is it not. you mean the advanced attributes? or something else?

Disagree on Private ratings, all Private ratings are , is Scoring without review (if ive understood correctly). I think we have to do that to appeal to a wider user base. Call it ticking if that sounds better but needs to have the same level of scoring, not just 5 starts or 10 half stars etc, and i dont think they count to averages etc. I would allow them to count but after a higher threshold like 100 or 500. If your not going to state why you scored as you did then we want to know youve tried a good number of beers before you infuence the stats

So many things… App is now really just for rating only. Can’t even see how many I’ve got! Zero stats atm. So perhaps there should be some communication about what the idea behind the app is. Is it just for rating? Or is the idea to become an app-version of the website? If the latter:

Offline rating
Places + maps
Download places maps
Rate places
Write review before scoring (major annoyance)
Add new beers
Search brewers / breweries
GTIN scanner (not necessarily for me, I know how to type :wink:

I can go on for a while. Basically: make it an easy-to-navigate and use version of the website, added with some offline functions and a GTIN scanner.

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I think its gonna be several years work. With more features. over time. Im curious more what people want first, what would get them using it, if they are not yet.

Like i cant use it, till its matches the offline of erics app

For me definitly making ratinf eaiser in bars etc is key. Ie i want to look up all the beers and have a list of ones i need. One of my main uses of offline ratings, Uploading as i then finish rating each :slight_smile:

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This, advanced attributes. I don´t use the app, but seeing others using it. IMO a rating via app and via website should be entered exactly the same way, with same score options.
Still i don´t like private ratings. RB rules speak about a minimum character number for a rating to be valid. Today i got my first one, cause i ticked a beer i´m gonna have soon, a kind of remembering “tick” (i hope it vanishes when i rate it)

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Definitely nearby places and maybe alerts when your nearby a place that has unrated beers from brewery you follow or from your want list? or perhaps also alerts when “most wanted beer” becomes available anywhere in world.

Oh i think those are nice ideas, but more long term, but i dont thinl RB doesnt have good enough availability details for that as it stands

something I doubt RB would ever implement but if you could accept backlogs as one CSV upload so long as we followed a format of pre-defined columns, that would be great.

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That not really an app feature though

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Ability to view all the beers you’ve rated without an internet connection (i.e. the ratings are synced to your phone, which was available on the BeerBuddy app). The new app is useless without a connection… can’t see or search what I’ve already rated. This is particularly bad when there’s no signal or when travelling.

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Oh the Old Android app didnt do that, Thats interesting would be handy but could be massive what with me having 25K ratings

Profile picture still takes up half my screen with that silly avatar and three lovely looking pale lagers. So half the screen is dead and useless.

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ahhh, not when rating, but when looking at your own ratings. Yeah. not really used that bit, as im only toying with app till the Off line ratings appear.

But yeah, on User Profile page. certainly dont need fixed profile picture taking half the page, but my bigger problem is only seeing last 10
I can do well over 10 beers in one bar, so i cant even see every beer ive had in the last hour

This bothers me as well. Even on a 5.5" phone, you can see so little. This might look nice on a screenshot, but it doesn’t have the user in mind.

No offline ratings is a reason for me not to use the app as well. This is central for quick ratings.

I’d also like to access Places and maybe even the forums. I get that the app isn’t the full website, that’s alright. But why not make it the “best of” the website?


Interesting feedback! Thanks, friends.

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-Add Nearby places (like the unofficial app)
-Add a real My profile (like the website)
-Make brewer search alphabetical (they are shown by beer count right now…it’s a mess to find things)
-Offline ratings
-an easy add to Beer Cellar button and beer Cellar listing
-a check-in button
-a Publish Rating / Confirm Rating button so we stop ticking by error
-add a new beer
-better brewer listing access
-place listing access

and for the website and app: make 3 separate folders for user search Ticks only, Reviews only and Ratings (Reviews + Ticks)
for the website: scrap the tick 5 stars for a 0,5-5 rate bar like in the app


Great list, Viper!

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Well thanks to the people that filled in the poll. I found it interesting and hope others did.
Im not surprised off line came top.

Interesting the Nearby places as ive heard people mention this a lot, but ive only very occasionally used. But i see Great scope for this esp if how to get there can be integrated somehow. (or something like nearby map based on current location . with arrows towards places off map)

Surprised more people dont find the fact you need to add numbers before txt annoying.

I think(hope) were going to see years of development of this app with more and more coming ove time. But it seems to have dome on pretty well since its first release.

will be interesting to hold this poll again in 6 months and see whats been done and what people now want