What Changes would you like in the new app

Is “Add To Cellar - HAVES” much more important at the time of search than “WANTS”?

UPC is coming soon


When you are a beer junkie and always have a 200+ beer cellar, yes it is important to keep track :stuck_out_tongue:
Right now, I tick beers in order to quickly see that I already have them in my cellar when I do a beer search otherwise, you can’t see it on the beer searches nor in the brewer’s listing

Would be better if RateBeer had a feature similar to Untappd’s lists. You can add beers to it with optional extra information such as quantity, acquired date, BBD, and any other notes you want. Much better than a basic haves list in my opinion. Wants can be as simple as it is now, but Haves should really be fleshed out into a full cellar function.
At the moment I use a Google spreadsheet as it can contains vastly more info/stats on what I have available than I can possibly do on RB. I’d love to keep it all in RB though if it were possible.

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+1 for half star tick ability in the website.

now we have everyone over on the new site it would be nice to see some more votes.

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Can I see your spreadsheet?

Oh god now everyone will see how anal I am about this. But yeah here it is @joet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18Ba439mQqfNcycExlbCUZxozoBPF2-svbrwMWtnHoaY/edit?usp=sharing

This is basically all the data I’d want to be able to put on my Ratebeer “Haves” list with the cellar functionality. Easily sortable/searchable. You’ll notice I have different sheets at the bottom where sorting is done automatically as it can’t really all be done in the same sheet which is annoying, whereas a website page could easily do this. Quantity is given in F = Fridge, C = Cellar (actually my kitchen cupboards…)

Ideally we’d have a quantity field and there would be a “Rate” button next to each beer. Upon submission of rating it would (optionally) remove -1 from the quantity (deleting the entry from your cellar if this makes it 0).

I know I’m not the only one who has a massive stash so I’m sure many others would find this functionality useful.

Other fields I don’t record but have seen others do:
Source (this could be linked to RB place, i.e. a bottleshop, supermarket, or brewery etc.)
Vessel (can or bottle?)
Measure - 250ml, 330ml, 440ml, 500ml, 568ml, 660ml, 750ml - plus all your weird American measures - 355ml (11.2 fl. oz), 473ml (1 US pint), plus whatever your bombers and growlers are, 341ml for those weird Canadians, and 340ml for those weird South Africans… you know what, this would be easier if the user could just write in manually rather than give all this in a selection.

FYI: Untappd currently does have this functionality, however it’s limited to their mobile app so there’s no easy way for me to copy and paste everything in. If you could build something like this into the website it would be another big advantage over them.




How about all the features that were on the old versions of the app. You know, the versions that were actually useful.


yeah that takes, time and a lot more has appeared. It was what the top things you wanted i was interested in

The top thing I want is to not replace a working app with one that doesn’t work and will take time to even become useful. I guess that was asking too much.

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Well, one thing I’d like to see to actually use it more often is being able to type the review and then do the numbers / do the numbers while I’m writing the review. Notes are typed as beer is drunk when you use the app and only then do people type the numbers. Nowm to get there, it seems you have to rate the beer in advance. Contrary to all logic as is.


I think they are looking at that. But def use feed back on that. as yeah its contrary to how i think mosty people rate

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Did that. Just shows a lack of understanding of the rating process. Almost actually started using the app - as the app seemed, though rudimentary, finally usable for rating known beers on the go, if nothing else - and this threw me off. Will likely refrain from using it until this is fixed.

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Am I the only one? Every time I enter a review, text is lowercase even after a “.”.


Not the only one.

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The new app has ruined Ratebeer for me. It is absolute shite. I can’t even begin to list all the issues it has. The previous one I was using was so far superior, why couldn’t it just be developed.

I think Ratebeer.com has made enough money that could be used for app development.

I let my paid subscription to Ratebeer.com lapse and now only rate beer when I’m near a computer.

Nice going, Ratebeer.


Agreed with both of you.

I mean it would be more helpful to everyone and more importantly the devs if you actually did list them, or at least the most critical ones…

Thats a bit extreme. Admit im still using Eric’s app. But the new one has been improving, and with offline ratings coming i can see me trying out a move. Though i still have massive concerns over the false result from the search method they are using.

As to why a new one. Well before they would have had to develop at 2app one apple one Android, the new one is set up to develop for both. So i suspect that’s one major reason.

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