What Details Do You Appreciate About Place Ratings

I appreciate the potential negatives and positives. I appreciate when people give details on the parking situation, because difficult parking can easily add an addditional 15 mins or so. I like when people state whether the bottle selection is great (or is poor, or average), the tap selection is great (or poor, or average), or both are great (poor, or average). I like it when anything may be a problem/benefit (cash only, no kids allowed, or dogs allowed). What do you appreciate about people’s place ratings? We currently have a thread for what things you don’t want people to include.

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Mostly how’s the food and the growler/crowler/bottle to go situations. Dogs and kids friendly very helpful as my family does road trips a lot and often brewpubs most friendly for our chihuahua if he’s tagging along.

Crowlers are great. Having one right now.

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Any detail is useful particularly if you add something new or update from previous reviews (think venues with many ratings).

From a beer tickers perspective i don’t care so much about food … it’s a semi useful side line for me.

What matters most is what kind of beers are on tap (not total number) … shout out some breweries you spotted please if a multi tap non brewpub. Simply stating ‘good selection’ means little without some names … what’s good to you may not be to me and vice versa.

What serving sizes eg tasters or full pours only … a massive factor if I’m out ticking on my own. Also when are the busiest times or did you have to wait long … I can usually figure out when the busy times are so more to the point how was service at these times or back up your review by saying what time you visited?
I mean the service can be great at 11am when the bar has just opened and there’s little point bitching about a 5 minute wait at 6pm in a city centre bar !

These are the most important things from my perspective if I’m on a bar crawl in a city especially if my time is limited.

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For me the more details on everything the better. Unfortunately our site is not conducive to robust and easy information gathering.

Some specifics I find useful are:

  1. Taps

  2. Wifi
  3. Flights available
  4. Price
  5. English/Service

I would love up to date hours of operation as I am a traveller and this is a must, but if RB could just scrape from their website or FB page that would be more accurate and up to date.

Although food is not an important issue, it is a nice to have. Especially people with dietary restrictions, so Vegan or Vegetarian friendly and of course the pickiest of all, kid friendly.

Whether flights / tasters are available, or smallest serving size available, is perhaps most useful. The sorts of beers they have on is useful. Food information is useful, especially if I’m planning a crawl round a few places.

Anything really. More is definitely more. The most important to me though in order are:

  1. Do they have flights/tasters?
  2. Do they have an update beer menu online somewhere to check out before I go?
  3. Anything unique about the place that makes it exceptionally great or bad?
  4. Hours of operation.
  5. Prices.

Price of Orval.

Them actually having meaningful text. :smiley:

But, yeah… all those details that might be useful to a fellow visitor. I try to add details on how to reach something for places that aren’t easy to get to.

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Very good point Marko. The ability to add GPS coordinates vs the current system which is frequently wrong. Would have been a boon when I was in Beijing and everything was wrong.

Ferris, if you still remember, please point out what needs to be fixed in Beijing, and I’ll do it. Haven’t gotten to doing a fix of most Chinese towns in a while now.

The worst thing is that there are cases where Google’s wrong too…