What Do You Think Of The Concept Of An Assist (Or Thanks To)?

Just a thought but when I’ve finished my notes on a beer and given the score, if I’ve bought it from a shop or in a pub I generally load that information and whether it’s a can/bottle/cask/tap.

However, if I’m at a friend’s house and they have shared it with me, I think it would be nice (and interesting statistically) to say it was from them, not just in the notes but as adding them as the provider rather than the shop or pub. I suspect that over the years, my highest number of assists (thanks to) have come from @allmyvinyl followed by @Stuu666 and @cgarvieuk.

So, what I’m saying is that the option to add another user, as the ‘thanks to’, could be an enhancement to the Ratebeer rating process. And of course this would lead to further lists to peruse.

Do you think this idea has any merit in it?


I think it would be fun. Statistics wise I’m not sure it works individually - eg I’m not updating all my old ratings - but it could be fun as a sitewide statistic (e.g. most “assists”). I wouldn’t hold my breath on it being implemented though. I expect there are higher priority items before that unfortunately.


Fine idea but no one around to develop or implement this kind of thing as @jercraigs says


Gents - thank you both for your replies.

It sounds like a “nice to have”.

I agree that site wide it could be an interesting stat and I also add that it could be interesting for our own individual stats to see how many beers were attributable to each friend.

When at our monthly Beer Exchange/Gathering I always mention in my write up who brought the beer, even though only @minutemat is a fellow Ratebeerian. Just seems right to do so.

Not too sure adding that option as special feature would work though, more pressing ‘stuff’ for the support people to sort out first (although I am finding the site very ‘serviceable’ at the moment). Cheers @services.


Yeah would.be.cool to be able to look up beers shared at a bottleshare for e.g. without having to go to the specific users page or filter through a beer page (as long as user remembered or knew who to tag!) Moot point for me now as I don’t rate any more