What Does Seltzer Popularity Mean To You?

So craft beer sales in the US were outpaced by White Claw seltzer alone. We’re seeing craft beer brewers making seltzer now. And now this… a seltzer festival.


What are your thoughts on the rise of hard seltzer?

That is tremendously misleading. The article headline where you read that was clickbait and it hid the lede pretty far down at the bottom. I.e., you ‘read’ this article: https://www.craftbrewingbusiness.com/business-marketing/did-you-know-white-claws-hard-seltzers-alone-are-outpacing-sales-of-all-craft-beer/

That said, if you want to drink canned vodka soda, cool. I do not think it will turn people away from true craft beer. That said Hudson Valley did have a line for birch seltzer.

I must admit I’m interested but have yet to try one.
I actually looked hard for something like this in the early '90s when I was doing a lot of drinking and driving (my stupid ass), thinking it would stink less of alcohol than my beloved beer.

Wouldn’t have stunk less of alcohol but the beer odor giveaway would’ve been missing. Another giveaway was Sen-Sen. My choice. As for seltzer it seems a drink for partying excess. Cool can always be marketed to fools. Tho with Uber/Lyft I think there are fewer partying fools with the march of time. Would have been good to help me with my foolishness.


These types of drinks have had their day before. I expect these to come and go, just as they’ve done before.

We have a neighborhood pool I walk my kids over to most weekends and I’d say 75% of the adults at pool are drinking hard seltzer. I haven’t tried one yet either but not a real desire to.

I tried a White Claw and it left me shaking my head. Haven’t tried another since. They can go away afaic.

Never seen one in my life. Truth be told, I first heard of it when Untappd added it as a style for some reason. I assume it’s an American thing.

Above is the only Seltzer I know of. Is the term “Seltzer” even known outside of the US? In the context of a fizzy drink.

I’d certainly try one, they sound like they’d be nice summery drinks. I strongly suspect I’d always prefer a beer though.

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Seltzer is American English for soda water.

"Although Seltzer has come to be a generic term for carbonated water or soda water, it was originally a brand of naturally carbonated water which came from Niederselters, Germany. This naturally carbonated water was bottled and sold as far back as 1728. It was brought into the US by immigrants from Europe and eventually came to be a generic name for carbonated water. The natural springs in the Niederselters had high carbonation with a low mineral content and became a popular beverage.

The “Selter” springs were well-known, and highly regarded enough, as well, for soda water makers in the U.S. and Europe, who impregnated water with carbon dioxide, to make a version of “selter water” to sell to their customers, which included not only carbon dioxide but some of the minerals, such as magnesium, that were known to be in the natural spring’s waters. This helped seltzer water to eventually become a generic term for soda water, even when it only contained carbon dioxide but no added minerals."


I’ll stick to beer, thanks