What green flash west coast IPA can do I have here?

I just bought a can at HOPT in france.

“brewed and canned by green flash brewing co. in san diego”

Green flash
West coast IPA
India Pale Ale
7.0% ABV 95 IBU

I can’t seem to find a matching ABV, style description and brewery, although several near misses are registered?

Can anyone help, update the beer description(s) or should we add a new one?

untapped has the beer as a new seperate entry West Coast IPA (2021) - Green Flash Brewing Company - Untappd

Usually small differences in ABV don’t seem to justify a new entry. Whether this reduction in such justifies a new entry should be an Admin thing. It seems that GF has just slacked off on the ABV and it now varies a bit from time to time. See following which exhibits pretty much the original label: