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What happened to BeerMenus?

I check BeerMenus daily, but they have not updated anything in ten days. I emailed the top banana, and got no response. They anointed me Volunteer Editor and normally respond.

I think generally they have been edged out by untappd.

I use both, but does Untapped have a My Feed feature?

I only use beer menus for a few bars that only have their menu there, and they seem to have updated as recently as today. What is the problem?

At the least, the very useful My Feed function stopped working altogether over a month ago, although I have seen new beers added by breweries. (Untappd has nothing like BeerMenus’ My Feed.) BeerMenus’ Rex Craft and Dylan Blake are not responding to emails, which they always did promptly in the past. I know that Beer Menus may have at one time been controlled by a venture capital company, Nautilus. Maybe Next Glass gave Nautilus a bag of money to buy out Beer Menus, just like they bought out Untapped and then Beer Advocate after that. Craft beer social media is on the the same Big Beer corporate path as craft beer. Best example is that AB Inbev has the right to moderate my posting off this board, because it owns the board :frowning:

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