What happenend to the Kettle Sour tag?

So, after we lost the Oats tag, which got restored after my intervention with @joet - we apparently lost the Kettle Sour tag. It had thousands of entries I reckon. Now I see the tag, last edited - but with extremely few entries…

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I thought the ‘oats’ tag came back after my intervention with @Viper666.Qc :wink:

Maybe he can tell us something about it?

I’m going out on a limb and say that Joe is slightly better equipped to fix things. :wink: :smiley: But I guess more pressure could have helped.

What I wonder is where it had disappeared in the first place. Both that and “kettle sour”.

It would appear that the tag was silently repopulated.

The Oats tag had been Merged with Oatmeal in the past, @Zlotta who helped me find the problem. I think when there a merging like that, one of the 2 tags takes over, in a random fashion. Could it be the same with Kettle Sour?

That was dumb. The terms “oats” and “oatmeal” are not synonyms.

Maybe someone merged it with something stupid like Lactobacillus…

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Here are the links in case someone finds it useful.
Kettle sour

The next button on the tags page seems to be broken so it’s hard to know how many beers are in a given tag
Not broken just takes a few seconds to load.